Friday, July 31, 2009

More Dimensions: Cinnaman's Beats from His Dimensions 2 Sampler (DWNLD)

I just love being late to the party. After asking if Cinnaman would be dropping a mix inspired by Beat Dimensions 2 in my post just days go, I was conveniently pointed to the location his mix. Shout to my man Feux who so gracefully shined the light. ;)

Cinnaman, the other baron of Beat Dimensions & Viral Radio patrician, puts the needle to the groove as well, providing a Beat Dimensions 2 mix for all to hold during those subway rides, rides around town - whether you be on your bike in AMS/YYZ or you Audi A4 Avant (that's my sh*t!). Regardless, this mix (along with Jay Scarlett's) should keep you steady @ least until EP3 drops (more on that in a hot one) or the full length in the not so distant fall (wow. I did say that).

So here you go: 2nd of 2. Beatsfromourdimension sampler, by Cinnaman.

Get it!



  1. yo these guys know whats up! and good looks on puttin this up for errbody! thanks love the posts


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