Thursday, July 30, 2009

Massive Dimensions: Jay Scarlett Drops a Mix in Anticipation of Beat Dimension 2 (DWNLD)

What a day. With a rare sunny (might I say blazing) day out in Toronto, I need to head out and ride these streets. Best, I'll be listening to a new mix courtesy of thy Lord and Savior Jay Scarlett, of Ampsoul Generation, U Beat and Beat Dimentions fame.

With the 2nd installment of the ground zero of beat music coming, Jay Scarlett drops a nice mix, previewing much of what will be dropping on Beat Dimensions 2. With a release date of the LP set for fall, one can still go out an grab both EP1 and EP2, which are currently available.

Anyhow, enough.

Presenting, Another Perspective. A BD2 mix by Jay Scarlett. Add Beat Dimensions on twitter.

Download it here.

Shouts to Cinnaman. Will he do the next mix??

Say wrd.


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