Wednesday, July 29, 2009

French Fulgeance Fires Up Floors by Delivering Smart Banging EP (DWNLD)

I used to hit Fulgeance's myspace and just go trip out. Dude, would have the most colorful and well designed work up. Animated GIFs that should even carry warnings. But past all that, dude would always have some bangers up.
One thing I noticed early from Fulgeance, his riddims were def cut @ higher tempos and thus much more dance floor friendly than many of the beatsmiths that are out. But, don't get it twisted. His background and inspirations lie almost solely in the hip hop and funk side of town. The funk def comes out in his performances, and I believe he cuts his music as such: fit for a great live performance. Enter his new endeavor: Smart Bangin EP.

To tell you the truth, as much as I love slow tempos, they do make for an odd dance floor fellow. So my appreciation of the 100bpm species has def grown. Having added that much, Smart Bangin EP is said animal. This 5 track EP is the child of a funk father with an electro ancestor, but yet still with that hip hop gene somewhere.
I hear Smart Bangin EP and can see him out the gate performing this live, rebuilding the beats as he has during his many performances.

With Smart Bangin EP expect that uptempo bump and grind, that will def have blondie swing that hair wildly, but also those beats that will still make cats hold their nuts (no homo).

Really? No Doubt.

And to reinforce my call, here's Ann Arbor, a certain banger for that dance floor demon in you. But yet with that bottom end synth that stabs and swings, you can still appreciate just posted up @ the bar. Say wrd.

Fulgeance's Ann Arbor, from the Smart Bangin EP. Out NOW.

Feeling that joint?? Nice. Cuz you can grab it for free here. Show love.


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