Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Expansion Team: Dublab Delivers Update To Rare EP

Nearly 2 yrs to the day, the good ppl dublab embarked on a EU tour that had them zig zaggin like Rustie, echoing the sounds on the infamous radio station for all to sample, live. The tour's success was then immortalized in a lim ed vinyl only EP release featuring members of the tour & LA loyalists like Blank Blue, DJ Nobody, The [motherf*cking] GasLamp Killer among others.
Aug 18th 2009, they present to you a sort of expanded version of the EP - a full length for those missed out on the 1st release, and a reward for those who did catch the original press.

Echo Expansion full length, emerging as a dublab x Porter Records collaboration will be yet another study of the now world famous LA environment, the laissez faire attitude that somehow has pushed all producers there to elevate the sound and the city to this quasi Midi Mecca, and has the likes of Marry Anne Hobbs offering interminable praise. I'm not even mad, cuz she's right.
Dublab's involvement has been whole in that movement's development and though we might not live there, or get to visit it enough (as myself) are able to enjoy the very fruits via such compilations.

The tracklist will read as follows, including track 6, 10-15 which were previously unreleased.

1. THE LIFE FORCE TRIO - alice! live at the natural history museum 
2. ADVENTURE TIME  - set on satellites 
3. BLANK BLUE - eyes closed (private stash version)  
5. FLYING LOTUS  - backpack caviar  
6. RAS G - stealth mode  
7. DAEDELUS - dnt fk sgr 
8. DIMLITE - jose's views 
9. DNTEL - sundial 
10. LANGUIS - million ways 
11. JAHBITAT & DANIEL GUTIERREZ - tonada del tormento 
12. KUTMAH - song song 
13. HASHIM B. - tokyo to LA steez 
14. TAKE - wonder man's flask  
15. MATTHEWDAVID - tomorrowspirit  
16. ANDREW PEKLER - new fibrillation 

To blast off, here's a anther banger from Ras G, Stealth Mode.

And to boot, you can actually download it courtesy of the good ppl @ XLR8R.



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  1. Such a great track; really mean sound man! Some of his stuff isn't hugely accessible but this one nails it.


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