Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Creative Partners Get Up In Ya Butt! Mark Pritchard & Om'Mas Keith Wind it Up!

Harmonic 313 has been on fire.

After releasing what I believe will be a contender for LP of year, if not a certain podium finish, he's not slowed down one bit.
Then came the Battlestar rmx that went from on the precipice of being shelved, to selling nearly 3000 12"s (well and over the forecast, a colossal # in today's economy) - all after execs @ Warp heard the rmx blasting on a proper system and were prolly shaken to the core as we were.
Enter Om"mas Keith of Sa-Ra fame, and fellow team mate on the team of Red Bull Music Academy studio engineers.

In AUG 2007 (yep), Mark Pritchard and Mr. Keith were both in Koln, and after Mark laid our a simple but banger of a beat, Om'mas heard it and proceeded to jump on and... freak it.

What has resulted is WIND IT UP.

Probably a pre H313 LP track that simply never made it to the album, but subsequently found it self tearing through cones and voice coils the past few months after Mark P started to tour for his record release.
A slow tempo and almost empty sounding banger featuring a bassline containing elements of your favorite Colecovision game, with a 80s reggae riddim feel. WTF?? Add Sa-Ra's Om'Mas, and his almost silly, near childish but contagious vocal "Wi-Wind it up... " and boom. Hey songwriters, K.I.S.S.
Finish it all with some classic artwork (I now know how Captain Kirk felt), and you have a complete 12".

Was she the model for this shoot?? Haha. More paramount, this is yet another banger out of the H313 vault. Mark Pritchard can do no wrong right now.
I want to hear this @ a f*cking strip joint, like back in the day. haha. No, seriously.
So released to retail it was yesterday on Kode 9's HyderDub home. Get a hold of this now, whilst you can. That artwork alone will be worth it.
I know most if not all have heard the original, so I offer you the rmx. But the 12" will feature the original along with the instrumental accompanied by the afore mentioned refix.

Mark Pritchard & Om'Mas Keith - Wind it Up (freak mix)

You know what do to.

Here ($2.97?? A STEAL!), or if you need that 12", boom. Be sure to check you local shops as well.

Chat soon.


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