Wednesday, July 1, 2009

¡AMOR ES MUY REAL! Love Is Real. V3 (DWNLD x3)

So *afta* seeing the above trailer that Afta-1 put me on to, I was still confused. I simply knew that Afta-1's music made me want to hold pretty lady's hand. Period. But I still knew nothing of this Gas'D x Afta-1 collabo. So I had to give my man a call and chop it up. So I'm now in the clear.
Gas'D is a blossoming clothing line from LA. They connected with Afta-1 soon after hearing that stellar album Aftathoughts. Afta a convo, they soon struck a partnership that saw Afta-1 scoring all the music for Gas'D ventures.
To highlight the newest 2009 lookbook, Gas'D & Afta-1 present:

Love Is Real v.3: Selections of Audible Love

a ridiculous mix that mirrors the mandate of both Afta-1 and Gas'D: L O V E.

So happy I never dropped my Valentine's mix, as it's obviously in most capable hands w/ Afta-1 @ the wheels. As he and I, (and the MOOVMNT guys x aimecane joke): This is music that makes you wanna hold your girl's hand.

It also features 2 bangers from ya man Afta-1, and maybe just a pinch of what's to come later this year from this California crooner. WOWSERS.

So here it is:

Love Is Real v.3 <--- download link.

and whilst you download these 139MBs worth of data & deep affection, peep one of these bewitching lovetronica ballads from ya man Afta-1. WOW.


Whilst you're @ it, make sure to grab v1 & v2 by hitting Gas'D blog. This is what we like to call a thr33 fer aka 3 for 1. Say wrd.

Time to pop that prosecco.



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  1. AAAAAAW YEAH! There's just one word that describes it all ▲❍▼❏

    Oh and don't forget...Malia = hot!


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