Monday, July 20, 2009

All Neurons Firing: New Floating Points 12"

I was just about 1 month removed from sitting in a park with the Eglo Records fam having a mid summer night's chat. Alex Nut, Fatima, Floating Points and I were debating how smart London cabbies were. That's when Floating Points interposed his comment about the size of their brains. Huh?
Floating Points the trained neuro scientist by day mentioned he had read journals that presented evidence of the fact. Hmmmm....
Though not ready to take on such debates, I can add with more certainty that this new 12" on Planet μ is an uptempo, frenetic banger.

Though, knowing that Floating Points has some of the deepest, most learned understanding and erudition of the human brain makes me wonder: is he taking me for a ride? Tampering with his music like big tobacco did for years with the nicotine they put in cigarettes (or what was eventually called the nicotine delivery device)?? Whatever it may be, he has assembled a string of ambient notes, bewitching vocals and sharp kicks that has resulted in my neurons and dendrites to fire wildly, sending electrochemical messages up and down the axons. Thought both sides if my brain enjoyed both sides of the record, it was 1nce again the b-side, K&G that has driven my temporal lobes in a quasi frenzy, sending and again feeding electrical charges to my brain, which then relayed those to the motor cortex which eventually instructed my head to swing @ these 129 bpms. This was the very reason I started many if not all of my sets during this past tour with this track.
Damn you Floating Points! Another addictive banger from the Eglo Records camp.
This new 12" is out now.


Here's a little something for your neurons, courtesy of Planet μ & Floating Points! K&G. Enjoy.


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