Thursday, June 4, 2009

Total Recall: DJ Spinna Spins It Like It Used To Be (DWNLD)

DJ Spinna is FAM.

Some of you in Toronto might recall either Wonderful or MJ vs Prince parties, but he's far greater than that.
When in town, he and I sat over some good 'ol rice and peas and chatted everything under the sun, but especially the music.
I always had a pile of respect for Spinna as he was one of only a few who very early in the game, spun EVERYTHING from hip hop to house actively. Loved it. And considering that he came from the days when wax sold in the thousands (mid to late 90s I guess), and is still very relevant to this day, hats off!

But more importantly, he's still banging away @ the production and has a full length dropping end of this month entitled Sonic Smash. To celebrate the said release, he put our a banger of a mix featuring joints from '95 thru '04.

The Recall

I don't usually chat up various mixes like this one, but Spinna is fam. +, the mix takes me back to my days of doubling up that wax like we chatted about. And besides, DJ Spinna is a disciple of the beat, proponent of the power of instrumentals. Bangs away @ that MPC 3000 all day...

You can get the mix from the good ppl @ High Water Music.



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