Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP MJ 1958-2009: MJ by MJ (DWNLD)

Nuts. Was not going cover this other than show my personal love in discussions w/ friends. But I had to drop something.
The biggest that ever was in music. He shut down streets and shut down the internet yesterday with this tragic news.
So what's this??

MJ by MJ.

I know 2 MJs. Michael Jackson from the Jackson 5, and Michael Jackson from Stones Throw. Huh?? Michael Jackson aka Oh No. That's right. Oh No and MJ share the most infamous 14 letter combination that could be a name.

Last year, Oh No released a sort of MJ beat mix, with classic MJ tracks rmx'd into banging beats. I had to go back and dig that one up for this, amidst all the tribute mixes that are about to flood the net as this is not a tribute. Just a new angle on a mix. Shouts to MJ for this one, whomever you thank.

You can download it here:

The MJ Serious Mix. (right click) Bang it loud.

RIP Michael Joe Jackson.



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