Sunday, June 14, 2009

H-Day: 92bpm invades EU


No invasions. More like acts of friendship and goodwill. Not been out here since 07, and I'm glad I came - right out the gate. For that, I'll have the EU edition of the logo. Will be Starting to the GoodWill tour in London, then @ Sonar 09 and after... ??? There's wrd of Amsterdam and hanging with MOOVMNT massive, but still not in stone (shouts to PunchDouble) but also starting in London 1stly by rawking with my man Eric Lau tonight @ night, Pause.

Sunday June 14th, 2009 (yes that's tonight)
7pm - 11pm
Free all night!
Market Place,
11 Marketplace
London, W1 8AH

Should be fun. Shout outs to Sweatson Klank bka Take who I hope to see pass thru on his Born Day! Say wrd.

If you're in London, come thru and say waddup. Wrd.


1 comment:

  1. if u are in berlin i would say wuddup..hahaa
    have fun in europe..


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