Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All The Way Live! Win A Copy of Ableton Live 8

So pumped! As we announced yesterday, The Red Bull Music Academy is on tour throughout the Canadian landscape and will feature none other than Flying Lotus steering the sport wagon w/ 40 series rubber, and yours truly @ 92bpm riding shot gun.
As part of the Academy tour, we will conduct lectures @ all Canadian stops introducing Flying Lotus to all, and discuss this 2006 Red Bull Music Academy graduate's most recent work and travels.
As well, Flying Lotus will share with us his secrets on how he builds his infamous live sets using Ableton Live™. This an event not to be missed, which ever city you may be in.
So as part of this tour, Ableton will be giving out a full working copy of it's most recent incarnation of their award wining performance software, Live 8 for the Canadian market place.

All you need to enter is:

★ A twitter account
★ Follow the Flying Lotus RBMA tour. (http://twitter.com/RBMAFlyLoTour)
★ Be a Canadian resident.

You will then be automatically entered, with a winner announced shortly after the tour's completion.

Voilà. That's it. With a little love and luck, this below s/w suite can be yours for you to take home, and be as creative as your mind will let you. I was sent my copy just about 1 week ago during my EU Tour of Duty, and I've never been so pumped! Now, I need to see what the APC40 will run me... ;) BTW, Shouts to Ken, Francis and the good ppl @ Erikson Audio. ;)

Btw, if you're into that beat music, rhythmic elctro-nice?? You might as well follow 92bpm as well. I'll be @ every tour stop, running the Red Bull Music Academy lectures as well as opening the nights with those bangers. You can get all the tour dates here.

Anyhow, stay tuned for more deets as they come out, and the best of luck.

Getting back in my swing. ;)


Monday, June 29, 2009

Red Bull Music Academy x Flying Lotus x 92bpm: Canadian Tour

That's right. To promote the Red Bull Music Academy and it's application drive, a national tour has been locked featuring arguably one of it's hottest graduates, Flying Lotus.

Finally, the Canadian landscape will be host to FlyLo's gangster galactic goulash of beats and booming basslines. 92bpm was personally grinding away @ trying to make that happen for a min now, so this is very welcomed news.

Focus will be the Red Bull Music Academy and it's current application drive which started last month and will go until July 27th. The Academy for the unfamiliar, is the artist's ultimate dream. It's a 2 week retreat where the focus is the artistry as it should be: you and your music. More detailed info can be found here.
However, much of that will be discussed during the Red Bull Music Academy tour feat Flying Lotus w/ mymanhenri as opener on all dates. 92 bpm will be in the building.

Each tour dates will consist of:

★ a couch conversation with Flying Lotus in the classic Red Bull Music Academy format, which will also double as an info session where you'll be able to find out all you need to know about the Academy and the application process.
★ some of the dates will also comprise of a Ableton Live studio workshop led by FlyLo with a select few candidates.
★ and a night w/ Flying Lotus @ the helm, playing his marvelous electro-nice melodies, with mymanhenri as opener.

Canadian dates are as follows (with link to FaceBook event page where available)

July 5 - Victoria @ Element
July 7 - Whistler @ Maxx Fish
July 8 - Calgary @ Hi-Fi
July 9 - Toronto @ Tattoo
July 10 - Ottawa @ Babylon
July 11 - Montreal @ Clum Lambi
July 12 - Vancouver @ Shine

If you've been hoping and praying for this as many of have, make sure to attend your coordinating dates, and if you're trying to apply to the pls come the Red Bull Music Academy lecture and info session. We'll be more than happy to field all questions.

You can leave any questions you might have here as well, and I'll be more than happy to help you out.

Looking fwd.



Saturday, June 27, 2009


Man... I had to post this. I just got off the phone w/ my mother this AM. She simply talked about the melancholy she felt for MJ. I need to send her this video from my man Dwele who I then holla'd @ to tell him this needs to get out as it's THE MOST dignified tribute, PERIOD. Spread that love like sweet honey, as this vid needs @ least 1M views! Shouts to Nutiot, who put me on.



Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP MJ 1958-2009: MJ by MJ (DWNLD)

Nuts. Was not going cover this other than show my personal love in discussions w/ friends. But I had to drop something.
The biggest that ever was in music. He shut down streets and shut down the internet yesterday with this tragic news.
So what's this??

MJ by MJ.

I know 2 MJs. Michael Jackson from the Jackson 5, and Michael Jackson from Stones Throw. Huh?? Michael Jackson aka Oh No. That's right. Oh No and MJ share the most infamous 14 letter combination that could be a name.

Last year, Oh No released a sort of MJ beat mix, with classic MJ tracks rmx'd into banging beats. I had to go back and dig that one up for this, amidst all the tribute mixes that are about to flood the net as this is not a tribute. Just a new angle on a mix. Shouts to MJ for this one, whomever you thank.

You can download it here:

The MJ Serious Mix. (right click) Bang it loud.

RIP Michael Joe Jackson.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Dizzying Dementia w/ Débruit: Live @ Sonar 2009

Red Bull Music Academy has had it's full presence @ Sonar. As usual, the talent has been limitless among the who's who of the rising stars. Red Bull Music Academy radio is an integral component of the Red Bull Music Academy program and offers an amazing array of back catalog of DJ sets and live recordings.

All the music @ the Red Bull Music Academy tents is being recorded and will be offered as some point along the way through the Red Bull Music Academy radio portal.

Yesterday's set from RBMA08 grad Débruit, was one of the most scintillating ones. Heavy bass & swinging synths were of order.
Even better: Red Bull Music Academy radio has already uploaded the set for all to listened to. All performed on the very exclusive APC40. NUTS.

You can listen to his set here.




92BPM invades Sonar: Beats + Barcelona

I know the updates have been missing like US journalists in North Korea, but your man has been out and about getting coming stories and updates in London and in Barcelona. London was great for the first few days I was there, and I'm heading back next week.

Sonar in Barcelona however, has been phenomenal. 1st, a massive shout out to Carlos + Emma @ RBMA for all they've done. Amazing. More on that in a hot min.
For now, keep a close eye on my twitter feeds as I'll be sending 140 tons of upd8s, pics and all.




Sunday, June 14, 2009

H-Day: 92bpm invades EU


No invasions. More like acts of friendship and goodwill. Not been out here since 07, and I'm glad I came - right out the gate. For that, I'll have the EU edition of the logo. Will be Starting to the GoodWill tour in London, then @ Sonar 09 and after... ??? There's wrd of Amsterdam and hanging with MOOVMNT massive, but still not in stone (shouts to PunchDouble) but also starting in London 1stly by rawking with my man Eric Lau tonight @ night, Pause.

Sunday June 14th, 2009 (yes that's tonight)
7pm - 11pm
Free all night!
Market Place,
11 Marketplace
London, W1 8AH

Should be fun. Shout outs to Sweatson Klank bka Take who I hope to see pass thru on his Born Day! Say wrd.

If you're in London, come thru and say waddup. Wrd.


Monday, June 8, 2009

MPC Changed My Life, APC Might Just Revitalize It

I have yet to see one, but I had a feeling this could be a big piece of hardware.

Got this video from an Ableton Tweet. sick.

Akai may have struck it big again with the APC40 though the shipments worldwide have been so slim, it's hard to tell. But I do know that the local outlet MOOG in Toronto has a list of reservations that might parallel wall paper (hella long). I now see why...

I look fwd to seeing this in person, but Akai got my back anyhow.

If you're looking and you're store is out, give MOOG a call. Tell em you saw it on 92bpm. ;)

416-599-MOOG (in Toronto)
toll free: 1-877-599-MOOG


The MPC Changed My Life (dot com) : June 11th

What's this?


This will be the one wed address to go to when info is needed about the events from 92bpm. So a one stop for the next guest, date and location of our nights.

With that said, let's remind all about the next night, taking place THIS week:

Facebook info is here.

Hope you can make it.


Virtuoso Experience: Karriem Riggins (DWNLD)

1st, shouts to MOOVMNT who broke it.

Karriem Riggins put out a taster to promote these dates he's got. As such, he's release a track that would absolutely sound familiar to anyone who attended Stones Throw's Hella International 2008 in MIA. Here's the my YouTube as a reminder:

This vid makes me tear up e v e r y t i m e . Again, big up to MOOVMNT for this one. KR gets carte blanche all day @ 92bpm.

Now peep the link for the track and the dates from MOOVMNT.



Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nods for Nodding Grand: More Pursuit Grooves (DWNLD)

Man... what a week. So much music to go thru.

Regardless, another edition of Nodding Grand is up for grabs. Pursuit Grooves podcast is back with a fresh edition for June, just days removed from a 3 week stint in EU, working her 505 magic. Say wrd.

You can grab that podcast as well as the playlist here, and subscribe whilst you're @ it.

And you know this. Enjoy.


Total Recall: DJ Spinna Spins It Like It Used To Be (DWNLD)

DJ Spinna is FAM.

Some of you in Toronto might recall either Wonderful or MJ vs Prince parties, but he's far greater than that.
When in town, he and I sat over some good 'ol rice and peas and chatted everything under the sun, but especially the music.
I always had a pile of respect for Spinna as he was one of only a few who very early in the game, spun EVERYTHING from hip hop to house actively. Loved it. And considering that he came from the days when wax sold in the thousands (mid to late 90s I guess), and is still very relevant to this day, hats off!

But more importantly, he's still banging away @ the production and has a full length dropping end of this month entitled Sonic Smash. To celebrate the said release, he put our a banger of a mix featuring joints from '95 thru '04.

The Recall

I don't usually chat up various mixes like this one, but Spinna is fam. +, the mix takes me back to my days of doubling up that wax like we chatted about. And besides, DJ Spinna is a disciple of the beat, proponent of the power of instrumentals. Bangs away @ that MPC 3000 all day...

You can get the mix from the good ppl @ High Water Music.



Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Listen up! Mos Def ft Slick Rick - Auditorium (DWNLD)

And you read that right... Now hear it.


In anticipation of Mos Def's LP next week Ecstatic, there's been a freebie sent it out to cyberspace. Those who know the time, know this beat from the Beat Konducta in India.
And in fact, Mos has been performing this @ most of his shows, if not all...

Anyhow, go nuts.


Nosaj Thing x D Styles = Low End Theory podcast 4 (DWNLD)

Appearing in thin air is podcast quattro from the infamous Low End Theory clan.
Maestro's for this edition's Midi Mayhem are none other than Low End staple, DJ D-Styles and special guest Nosaj Thing.

With no coincidence, Nosaj Thing's appearance precedes his Low End Theory party June 10th, celebrating his Alpha Pup release Drift (which I just copped finally. Tight! more on that soon....) was

Anyhow, as usual you can download it

Low End Theory || Podcast no 4 feat Nosaj Thing + D-Styles || download (right click).

But simply, you should really subscribe to their podcasts. You can do that........ here.



Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Koushik x 92bpm: Pardon My Hindi June 6th

Busy week. Shouts to G.

92bpm will be krushing it with Koushik among others Saturday June 6th, on trendy Ossington strip for a Stones Throw affiliated night. Pretty pumped as this should be a night of abstract, and anything will go. Look for 92 to rep heavy with some new sounds. That Madlib sh*t... that PUDGE sh*t... come thru. All deets below.

अच्छा संगीत सारी रात.

See you Saturday.


Foreign Exchange x 92bpm: June 5th 2009

Shouts to Jesse, Wan & 'em.

I've been ask to rawk a set @ Friday's Foreign Exchange invasion. Expect that Lovetronica to run... Afta1, Devonwho, Jay Scarlett, Muhsinah, De Javaanse Jongens et al... Gonna be sick. I'm pumped. If you got that some lovetronica, Soundcloud™ me. I'll do you proud.

June 5th @ Revival. FaceBook info here.

See you then.

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