Tuesday, May 12, 2009

YESterday: Future Beats by RLP

You know how sh*t is intertwined. Not even sure how I fell on this one cats's page, but however I came across it, I was happy I had. This kid RLP had some beats. In fact, he had floated me a zip full of goodness that I even featured on my MPCs and Beatbreaks mix from late last year.

I hadn't heard from RLP inna min, so I decided to drop dude a quick line. We got up on the new and he told me about his future. But his past read essentially as follows: just a young cat from Tokyo sharpening his sword, blowing some of that cosmic cloud of electronic which he fuses adeptly and carefully with some sampling.

With the goal to introduce more producers from this Pacific Ocean island, RLP started a podcast called Cosmopolyphonic Radio in January of this year. Though still unknown to many, it features beats from quality Japanese producers, broadcasting to the world.

But whilst you download the latest show from RLP's Cosmopolyphonic Radio FOR FREE, peep this banger he slid my way.

YESterday by RLP

The future looks hella bright.



  1. yo thanks for this, checked out the radio show good looks


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