Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We The New Black Panthers: YBP Stand Up (DWNLD)

F*ck Sit ins, yeah... we the new black panthers....

Hard to explain, but that was it after that. I enlisted. You see, your man Hza came from a certain era in hip hop. A wiser head who saw all the prominent groups come and sadly go, along with their message. You know who they were. And I do say were since they're all fallen by the wayside.
So having come across The Young Black Preachers, and heard these bangers, I just had to exhale a long sigh of relief. Man, this made me want to throw on some of my older Too Black Guys. Ha. But back to the music. I don't cover tons of vocal music of late, since much of it bores the detritus out of me, but the trio of JaeR, Tre and Projeck aka YBP came with an EP that just brought me back. Say wrd.

Do yourself a solid and grab this freebie, now. It's avail from their myspace. On your way there, show them some love as well. Just like I'm showing love to BrainFeeder for putting this panther on.

And while you wait for this quick download, lemme get you amped:

Clockers by Young Black Preachers. Yeah....



  1. i grab this a few weeks ago. this joint is bananas!! expect to see it on the may podcast.

  2. New video for the single "Clockers"


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