Friday, May 29, 2009

SoCal Slickster Sweatson Klank Swoops Into Space: TWEET! (DWNLD)

Ha. That's my man right there.
The artist more familiarly known as Take, Sweatson Klank has now officially made his foray into space - TwitterSpace that is.
You can now freely follow your man's adventures on Twitter. Add to that, his new blog and you've now got a place to peep all of my man's updates. Dude is like the hardest working cat around! Say wrd.
And to kick that off, he tweeted his new mix for Brainfeeder.


Whole Earth Rainbow Band- My Lady
Floating Points- KGBeat
Martyn - Feel Me
Kalbata feat. Clapper Preist- Solution
Paul White- Hustle (Bullion rmx)
2tall- Ritual
Mr. Beatnick- Fill me Jesus
Wally- Nolan
Jack Wilkins- Red Clay
Mort Garson- 3500
Horace Silver- Open up your Senses
Ramp Recordings - Maintain (Mike Slott Reewerk)
2tall- Ether
Profisee x Eprom - What it seems
Griffi - Obsceno
Jack Dejohnette - Picture 4 (SWEATSON KLANK MIX)
Solar Plexus- Lace
Giorgio Gardini - Plagal
Jan Hammer- Earth
Flying Lotus- Galactagon
Starkey- Miracles (Jamie Vex’d Rmx)
Flying Lotus - Riot ( TAKE aka SWEATSON KLANK Rmx )
Architeq- Oddessy
Fulgeance - Sour Soca ( SWEATSON KLANK Snake Charmer mix)
Paul White- Alien Nature
Little Dragon- After (Floating Points Rmx)
Teebs -My Whole Life
Eddie Kendricks - Intimate Friends
TAKE aka Sweatson Klank - Soul Particles

Go get it, and make sure to follow my man whilst you're @ it.


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