Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nadsroic is Not Fiddling Around

Busting from the LuckyMe entrails is the newest release entitled 'Room Mist' EP, a 6 track collaborative project between Nadsroic and man of the moment Hudson Mohawke. Nadsroic - the singing/rapping alias of Ciorsdan Brown - was schooled in the Scottish Highlands, immersed in Celtic folk music via singing and classical fiddle before being dropped in the ugly Glasgow metropol of Hip Hop, Techno, Electro and club music.

Alongside the young phenomenon Hudson Mohawke the pair have created 6 tracks of explosive Future RnB, where folk influences rub shoulders with tested dancefloor heat, like some quasi-celtic gansgta sh*t. LOL. But though on the lighter side of the 92bpm spectrum, i'm feeling this. And you will too on Tuesday May 11th when it drops.

Here are a few to keep you going until May 11th aka tomorrow. ;)

Nadsroic - Room Mist (prod by HudMo)

Nadsroic - Step Back (prod by HudMo)

As usual, be sure to show this Celtic cutie some love.

Say wrd.


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