Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bag Of Goodies: Error Broadcast Releases Nothingness (Download)

In my usual travels across the interstellar roads in cyberspace, I came across another small label with a big release @ Hip Hop and Experimental intersection.
Error-Broadcast is a small net music startup that has just released what I will consider a bag full of goodies entitled, Error-Broadcast Presents: Bag Of Nothingness. 17 gems from various players from all continents.

The m/o of this compilation is to essentially showcase and highlight what they will call Contemporary Experimental Hip Hop, with pieces coming from Russia, Japan, Germany and USA to name a few.
These are the very records that I love and appreciate and essentially, try to get more to do so as well.
I'm not going to get into any highlights, as this is a dope record. PERIOD.
But I will let you hear this one banger from my man Benny B Blonco.

Wizard Swing Warriors, by Benny B Blonco, off Error-Broadcast Presents: Bag Of Nothingness.

Oh btw, did I mention that this whole record is free?? So don't waste time. Get it, show Error-Broadcast some love and leave some kind words @ the bottom of the page. Saw wrd.

Shouts to Lambent, and Swift.



  1. WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  2. i saw this cover around before...this ish is heat thp


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