Tuesday, May 19, 2009

0x7=8. Dimlite is 8th Release Of Famed 7x7.

Man... so funny. Was chatting with my man YESTERDAY and he mentioned an 8th release in the famed 7x7 All City Records singles. I told him I had heard nothing. Until this am.
With my eyes closed in light REM mode, my BarackBerry suddenly went *PING*. An email from my ppls @ All City:
Bonus 7x7 Beat from Dimlite Coloured vinyl / Digital

Officially labeled @ the 0x7, this 8th release (of 7 huh?? I love it!) is the last 45 in the beat series, a bonus to coincide with a limited CD compilation of all 7 45s of the series. This 45 comes from Swiss beatmaker, Sonar Kollectiv artist and serial re-mixer Dimlite. I had recently posted a piece about his appearance @ famed Dutch house of improvisation, Bimhuis. In keeping with the anything goes mantra, Dimlite crosses between sick 80's style new wave Zappaesque dirt into dreamy futuristic soul tinged indie-smurf folk. 5 minutes of madness layered with vocals, scratches and a hip hop beat it comes on shiny yellow vinyl with an instrumental/dub on the flip and is an appropriately eccentric end to the series. Indeed.

In the words of Mr Dimlite ..."if this was a contestant at Next top model.. it would be a girl with a strange, asymmetrical face. she has no bangs. something about the way she moves her limbs and her whole body is strangely appealing, but also very awkward, intimidating even.. her heels magically leave a trace of nice but acidy-smelling flowers on the floor...."
Sh*t. I've dated a few of those. And I know i'll see a few 1 month from today.

I believe the digital is available now, with the vinyl shipping next week. Will be a nice one indeed.

Here's look @ Quiz Tears by Dimlite of the 0x7. Enjoy.


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