Friday, May 29, 2009

SoCal Slickster Sweatson Klank Swoops Into Space: TWEET! (DWNLD)

Ha. That's my man right there.
The artist more familiarly known as Take, Sweatson Klank has now officially made his foray into space - TwitterSpace that is.
You can now freely follow your man's adventures on Twitter. Add to that, his new blog and you've now got a place to peep all of my man's updates. Dude is like the hardest working cat around! Say wrd.
And to kick that off, he tweeted his new mix for Brainfeeder.


Whole Earth Rainbow Band- My Lady
Floating Points- KGBeat
Martyn - Feel Me
Kalbata feat. Clapper Preist- Solution
Paul White- Hustle (Bullion rmx)
2tall- Ritual
Mr. Beatnick- Fill me Jesus
Wally- Nolan
Jack Wilkins- Red Clay
Mort Garson- 3500
Horace Silver- Open up your Senses
Ramp Recordings - Maintain (Mike Slott Reewerk)
2tall- Ether
Profisee x Eprom - What it seems
Griffi - Obsceno
Jack Dejohnette - Picture 4 (SWEATSON KLANK MIX)
Solar Plexus- Lace
Giorgio Gardini - Plagal
Jan Hammer- Earth
Flying Lotus- Galactagon
Starkey- Miracles (Jamie Vex’d Rmx)
Flying Lotus - Riot ( TAKE aka SWEATSON KLANK Rmx )
Architeq- Oddessy
Fulgeance - Sour Soca ( SWEATSON KLANK Snake Charmer mix)
Paul White- Alien Nature
Little Dragon- After (Floating Points Rmx)
Teebs -My Whole Life
Eddie Kendricks - Intimate Friends
TAKE aka Sweatson Klank - Soul Particles

Go get it, and make sure to follow my man whilst you're @ it.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

SuperNova: Madlib on Radio Nova à Paris. (DWNLD)

Just in time to brighten things up. Such a morose day was lightened up w/ a posting from Stones Throw - again. ;)
The Witchdoctor himself, Madlib was @ Radio Nova in FRA to record a 30 min set. Posted as a free download as well. Nice.

Ça y'est. Whenever you're ready...



Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Got 100 on it: New MED 12"


One of the sickest cats out the Stones Throw camp drops some newness.

100 Dolla Billz b/w Soon Find Out

I suppose that ST's podcast 45 was a nice teaser, but we can finally take some goods home. Regardless, all info is here . Both are produced my Madlib the Bad Kid.

Do it!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We The New Black Panthers: YBP Stand Up (DWNLD)

F*ck Sit ins, yeah... we the new black panthers....

Hard to explain, but that was it after that. I enlisted. You see, your man Hza came from a certain era in hip hop. A wiser head who saw all the prominent groups come and sadly go, along with their message. You know who they were. And I do say were since they're all fallen by the wayside.
So having come across The Young Black Preachers, and heard these bangers, I just had to exhale a long sigh of relief. Man, this made me want to throw on some of my older Too Black Guys. Ha. But back to the music. I don't cover tons of vocal music of late, since much of it bores the detritus out of me, but the trio of JaeR, Tre and Projeck aka YBP came with an EP that just brought me back. Say wrd.

Do yourself a solid and grab this freebie, now. It's avail from their myspace. On your way there, show them some love as well. Just like I'm showing love to BrainFeeder for putting this panther on.

And while you wait for this quick download, lemme get you amped:

Clockers by Young Black Preachers. Yeah....


The MPC Changed My Life: Mixtape Edition: June 11th 2009

Man, this has been too long in the making. Been meaning to put out another mix for a min. So this night will be like a live mixtape, as you'll be hearing bangers from the actual tape I'll be putting out:

MPCs & Beatbreaks v2.

v1 is still out there for those who want it. More deets to come.

Come through Toronto. All your FaceBook info is here

Tell a friend, bring another.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Dr J aka Jneiro Jarel x Dr Who Dat: Low End Theory Gets Smashed

Would it not befitting of Jneiro Jarel aka Dr Who Dat to be simply called Dr J?? Though most might recall Dr J as Julius Erving, a well decorated athlete who's career accomplishments or both numerous and undeniable. Both were fabulous with their fingers, from a finger roll sequence, to a drum roll sequencings. Both quietly did their thing, and wowed all who saw and heard.
Sh*t. I've been a fan of JJ for a min, def since Three Piece Puzzle - still under appreciated and over looked record.
Regardless, the now LA resident paid a visit to legendary Low End Theory last week.


Show Love. Enjoy.


Culver City x London Town Connect (DWNLD)

Although this is a lazy day, had to post this one. Marry Anne Hobbs' fascination with SoCal has justly extended to Culver City keys krusher, and Stones Throw's G, Dam-Funk.
She had DF guest slot on a recent broadcast and ST posted the link. Say wrd. Enough said.



Friday, May 22, 2009

Aflevering Drie: Viral Radio's Latest (DWNLD)

Just a lazy afternoon. Been meaning to post this one for a min now.
Back with a 3rd Episode of the radio show, Viral Radio has released the mp3 for all to enjoy as usual.
Hold it here still, seen? aka it's available here for stream or download.

Tracklist looks as follows:

Mala - Miracles (DMZ)
Kromestar - ? (Southside Dubstars)
Ikonika - Direct (Hyperdub)
Joker - Re-up (Kapsize)
Skream - The shinein (Deep Medi)
Coki - Road rage (DMZ)
Jakes - In tha place to be (Hench)
Dorian Concept - Trilingual dance sexperiment (Affine Records)
Computer Jay - Distance (Ramp Recordings)
Mr. Oizo - Lars Von Sen (X_Mas_Version) (Ed Banger)
Danny Breaks - The sound (Rushhour)
Illum sphere - Murky (Fat City)
The Blessings - Where is Anna? (Cdr)
T-pain - Bitch (Cdr)
Monopoly - MS-14 (Cdr)
Kenlo - Zoid (Rushhour)
Monopoly - Distant from (Rushhour)
Ras G - Return from the Great Unknown (Brianfeeder)
Mark Pritchard - ? (Hohum)
Oscar McClure - LaBelle (Cdr)
Ras G - Shinelight (Brainfeeder)

Enjoy, and shouts to Juha & Cinnaman


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Aus Japan Mit Liebe: Lambent Got That Love For Beats

So the cat that I needed to thank for yesterday's goodies find is none other than Lambent.

Japanese raised with a stint in England, this beat purveyor has now settled in the borough of boom & bad that is Berlin.
1nce a symphonist of ambient with releases in this early days with Insine among others, Lambent eventually changed his tune some years back to more of hoodies and kicks temperament and added the kick and that snare to his tracks.
That was made evident on that Project Mooncircle he was also a part of, with a track called wow wow thing. That 92bpm sh*t. ;) I could imagine, that GER influence is heavy with all the producers round his way. Verrückt!
Lambent's recent work was showcased on that Error-Broadcast comp but he keeps keepin on with the bangers and is planning for more to drop.

Speaking of bangers, i'll leave you with a joint I personally love.

Lucky Dude by Lambent. More like lucky me. Love this. Enjoy, and show that love right back. Wrd.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bag Of Goodies: Error Broadcast Releases Nothingness (Download)

In my usual travels across the interstellar roads in cyberspace, I came across another small label with a big release @ Hip Hop and Experimental intersection.
Error-Broadcast is a small net music startup that has just released what I will consider a bag full of goodies entitled, Error-Broadcast Presents: Bag Of Nothingness. 17 gems from various players from all continents.

The m/o of this compilation is to essentially showcase and highlight what they will call Contemporary Experimental Hip Hop, with pieces coming from Russia, Japan, Germany and USA to name a few.
These are the very records that I love and appreciate and essentially, try to get more to do so as well.
I'm not going to get into any highlights, as this is a dope record. PERIOD.
But I will let you hear this one banger from my man Benny B Blonco.

Wizard Swing Warriors, by Benny B Blonco, off Error-Broadcast Presents: Bag Of Nothingness.

Oh btw, did I mention that this whole record is free?? So don't waste time. Get it, show Error-Broadcast some love and leave some kind words @ the bottom of the page. Saw wrd.

Shouts to Lambent, and Swift.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Listen To More Dublab

Just in...

Just got a txt from my man PUDGE. He and DIBIA$E are both spinning @ Dublab during Proton Drive (fundraiser). You can listen live @ 16h-18h PST or 7p-9p EST.
Don't forget to donate if you can. It can all be done via Paypal. I dipped in myself.


0x7=8. Dimlite is 8th Release Of Famed 7x7.

Man... so funny. Was chatting with my man YESTERDAY and he mentioned an 8th release in the famed 7x7 All City Records singles. I told him I had heard nothing. Until this am.
With my eyes closed in light REM mode, my BarackBerry suddenly went *PING*. An email from my ppls @ All City:
Bonus 7x7 Beat from Dimlite Coloured vinyl / Digital

Officially labeled @ the 0x7, this 8th release (of 7 huh?? I love it!) is the last 45 in the beat series, a bonus to coincide with a limited CD compilation of all 7 45s of the series. This 45 comes from Swiss beatmaker, Sonar Kollectiv artist and serial re-mixer Dimlite. I had recently posted a piece about his appearance @ famed Dutch house of improvisation, Bimhuis. In keeping with the anything goes mantra, Dimlite crosses between sick 80's style new wave Zappaesque dirt into dreamy futuristic soul tinged indie-smurf folk. 5 minutes of madness layered with vocals, scratches and a hip hop beat it comes on shiny yellow vinyl with an instrumental/dub on the flip and is an appropriately eccentric end to the series. Indeed.

In the words of Mr Dimlite ..."if this was a contestant at Next top model.. it would be a girl with a strange, asymmetrical face. she has no bangs. something about the way she moves her limbs and her whole body is strangely appealing, but also very awkward, intimidating even.. her heels magically leave a trace of nice but acidy-smelling flowers on the floor...."
Sh*t. I've dated a few of those. And I know i'll see a few 1 month from today.

I believe the digital is available now, with the vinyl shipping next week. Will be a nice one indeed.

Here's look @ Quiz Tears by Dimlite of the 0x7. Enjoy.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Joker Freebie: No Joke (Download)

As so of you might know in convos, been slowly adding some thug step to my collection, with the most melodious riddims making it to the library. Still totally new to it and couldn't run off even just a few names, but I do know what I like (when I hear it).
Mr Beatnick tweeted something very lovely...
So it is, Solid State by Joker
I had heard the riddim on a FlyLo mix 1nce, and thought it was a solid chune. No idea who it was @ the time. Nice one Joker.
Much thx to Mr Beatnick on that one.
Enjoy the riddim, and run it.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Harmonic 313's Battlestarr rmx (VIDEO)

92bpm loves H313. We gleefully chatted about his new record, back when and we're always ready to show him love. With an official release date set @ June 15th, Harmonic 313 feeds us a video for the much talked about Battlestarr rmx featuring Detroit's Phat Kat and Elzhi.

I've said it before and will again: more rmxs. It seemed the art of the rmx had been falling by the way side for a min, but I'm seeing more and more surfacing signaling a possible change in the economics of the game. Bleh. Just make it happen I say. And H313 does just that. Witness a rugged track with even stronger visuals. All thanks must go to H313's former room mate, and director of this video Mark Simpson from Sixty40 . H313 and Warp is should both be proud of this phenomenal work.

Big shouts to Mark P for this one. Great work. ;)


Bullion + Paul White Slide Faders For FADER (download)

These British Lords of Beats, Bullion and Paul White sat down with FADER Mag for a quick chat about everything from bad dreams to trying to not say Dilla, to their shared label. ;)
But most important, they both offered personal mixes a freebies (with tracklistings).


Shouts to OP!


YESterday: Future Beats by RLP

You know how sh*t is intertwined. Not even sure how I fell on this one cats's page, but however I came across it, I was happy I had. This kid RLP had some beats. In fact, he had floated me a zip full of goodness that I even featured on my MPCs and Beatbreaks mix from late last year.

I hadn't heard from RLP inna min, so I decided to drop dude a quick line. We got up on the new and he told me about his future. But his past read essentially as follows: just a young cat from Tokyo sharpening his sword, blowing some of that cosmic cloud of electronic which he fuses adeptly and carefully with some sampling.

With the goal to introduce more producers from this Pacific Ocean island, RLP started a podcast called Cosmopolyphonic Radio in January of this year. Though still unknown to many, it features beats from quality Japanese producers, broadcasting to the world.

But whilst you download the latest show from RLP's Cosmopolyphonic Radio FOR FREE, peep this banger he slid my way.

YESterday by RLP

The future looks hella bright.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nadsroic is Not Fiddling Around

Busting from the LuckyMe entrails is the newest release entitled 'Room Mist' EP, a 6 track collaborative project between Nadsroic and man of the moment Hudson Mohawke. Nadsroic - the singing/rapping alias of Ciorsdan Brown - was schooled in the Scottish Highlands, immersed in Celtic folk music via singing and classical fiddle before being dropped in the ugly Glasgow metropol of Hip Hop, Techno, Electro and club music.

Alongside the young phenomenon Hudson Mohawke the pair have created 6 tracks of explosive Future RnB, where folk influences rub shoulders with tested dancefloor heat, like some quasi-celtic gansgta sh*t. LOL. But though on the lighter side of the 92bpm spectrum, i'm feeling this. And you will too on Tuesday May 11th when it drops.

Here are a few to keep you going until May 11th aka tomorrow. ;)

Nadsroic - Room Mist (prod by HudMo)

Nadsroic - Step Back (prod by HudMo)

As usual, be sure to show this Celtic cutie some love.

Say wrd.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Dam-Funk: Live in-Store @ Stüssy Toronto, May 1st 2009

For those who missed it, the night started with crappy sound, but I was able to McGiver it and stream something decent. This was an in-store @ Stüssy Toronto before the May 1 Show @ Revival that just rawked. It might have looked sparse, but the bar off to teh right was buzzing! Haha. Good Look to Ghetto Gold for getting me online.

Anyhow, enjoy.


Lost in The Shuffle: The Long Lost Woebegone (Flying Lotus rmx)

In what I will file under wtf was i thinking/where was my mind, I just stumbled across a The Long Lost bka Daedelus release. Not big deal other than a missing detail: he had 2 Flylo rmxs tucked away on the 12". Worst was the mislabeling so it sat, overlooked.

Only to load that up and be treated to 110 or bpms or goodness. Anyhow, enjoy and cop this 4 track 12" when you come across it. Sorry Daedelus. I slept.

This is The Long Lost - Woe Be Gone (like Woe rmx) courtesy of Flylo. Tight. Enjoy.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Reaching New Lows: Low End Theory Podcasts (DWNLD)

The North American Mecca of beat music (and maybe worldwide if you listen to Marry Anne Hobbs speak on it, and I'm not even mad) is with no doubt Low End Theory over @ the Airliner in dwntwn LA. I had the chance of being there myself and was blown 1/2 way across the street. No joke. The sound man doesn't sit back and have a smoke during your set. Dude is urging you to push your sound as he keeps the amps on the edge of panic (and clipping). Say wrd.
So now, the famed soirée is now online with a podcast. Bottom line?? You need to tune in. They're up to Show 3 now, and they seem to be on the ball with the updates. Sick.

The most recent edition was the GLK x Ras G one. Episode 2 was Nobody and Mike Slott and the 1st installment was Daddy Kev and Samiyam.

You can download all of it here from iTunes (and yes it's free), or simply download them individually here.

Now, as a bonus treat I have a Daddy Kev set from the 1st Low End Theory NYC from summer of 2008 in it's glorious 320 Kbps form. Looking fwd to Low End NYC to make it's way back. Say wrd.

Daddy Kev Live @ Low End Theory NYC, June 2008.

Anyhow, enjoy this treat courtesy of the good ppl @ 92bpm and make sure to subscribe to the Low End Theory Podcast.



Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Take Loves DubLab (and you should too)

Still not sure how I came across web radio Dionysus Dublab, but I've not let go of this site ever since. I do recall meeting up with my man Take aka Sweatson Klank, Ras G, Blu & Exile and the infamous Lycky Me clan on site in fact - @ a secret location in LA ;) .
What I would describe as a bat cave tucked away in Los Angeles, Dublab is an entity which is an intergral part of the beat scene's central nervous system - an aorta feeding the wildly pumping heart. They've been hosting artists from all around, recording mixes and live sets for all to enjoy.
The mix of music they offer is exemplary and possibly a mirror of the LA's freewheeling, anything goes as long as it's on beat, laissez faire attitude. Going thru the archived shows, mixes and songs will leave you wondering why you never locked in before hand, and certainly will make you wonder why you even cared CKLN shut down (for Toronto ppl). F*cking love it.
And you should and will to.
So as with most radio station with such liberal and independent sounds, they're on a proton drive. Bandwidth cost!
Hence, it's with an impassioned plea that i remind you to 1, lock in to Dublab, and 2 - show love with whatever you may be able to spare and contribute to this entity that is Dublab. $, £, ¥, €.. I'm sure they'll take it all.
You can find all the info you need on their site.

And as most funding drives go, there is prizing available. One of which is from LA stalwart, Sweatson Klank aka Take. He's oft showcased @ Dublab (and he an I in fact met there for the 1st time @ their studios).
So for Dublab, he's created a mix that in fact defines what they're all about: do you. We love you for it.
Sweatson's Trajectory is a Future Roots Mix compiled by Take aka Sweatson Klank that Dublab will offer as a gift with donations.

a 77 min mix of rare electronic 70s, with avant guarde psychedelic which will ride along side beat music of course. Tracklist looks as follows:

Wajeed- Tetris
Joker -Om Unit Pop Lock Mix
Onra - Dirty loop
Griffi - Kenyufilen
Art of Noise- Opus
Jorg Thomasius- Im balloon
Gang Gang Dance- Blue Nile
Ratatat- Imperials
Herb Geller- A la Space Mode
Terje Rypadal - Keep it likeThat
Aminadav Aloni- Fulfilment
Mort Garrison-Music To Sooth the Savage Snake Plant
Tv on The Radio- Hurt you
Enemy Earth- Slop
Dorian Concept- The Fuckin Formula
Asonic Garcia- Escape the Exploding Planet
Erik Satie - Affolements Gantiques
Gerhard Trede- Pictures of Science
Bobby Hutcherson - Goin Down South ( take edit )
Ursula Bogner- Proto
Embryo- Bad cats
Jk & Co. - Fly
Dave Sarkys- Canadian Colors
Leroy Hutson- Situations
Powell - All and All
Squeaky Lobsters- Flying Rupies'
Ras G- CDR
Debruit- Pointy
Joel Van Droogen Broeck- Genetic Manipulation
El Topo Sountrack
Frank Gartner- Eastern Promise
Spooky tooth- Waiting for the wind
Tucky Buzzard- Whiskey Eyes
Douglas Lucas- Niara
Praveen and Benoit- Embers
Grm Archives - Indicatif
Shuttle - tunnel
Rustie/Animal Collective - Jagz (Take edit)
matthew david-cdr
14kt- Illustrious
Ende Shnea Filet- Twistin on the Tombstones
Elvin Jones- Agappe Love
Gerhard Trede- Sounds of Science 22
Cecil Wary & Alain Feanch- Mysteres Aux Bermudes
Knowl3dg3- Preservatives
Floating Points- Cdr
Architeq- Daytime
Flying Lotus- Amongman
Caural- Stalactite
School of Seven Bells- NOBODY rmx
Urzula Dudziak- Mosquito Dream
Humman league- Toyota city
Nosaj Thing- Light #2
Dimlite- GO, A
Take aka Sweatson Klank - I miss my brains

Phew, ran out of breath.

My man Take aka Sweatson Klank gave me the green light to stream it for the listeners. SO here it is.

Take Loves Dublab, and we do to.

Fight the good fight, and show love so you can get a physical copy of it, and good karma with that. ;)


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sir OJ Swings A Big Beat

Supposedly, Sir OJ's track has been sitting on a label shelf longer than Methuselah! WTF!?! Release it already! LOL.

Regardless, enjoy this mashup. ;)


The MPC Changed My Life: Beat Machine Edition (download)

It's about that time again. Just a little something to recondition your minds. LOL.
But let's have some fun again. The last one happen to fall on a quasi-long weekend. Not everyone had the Monday off, so this one is hella official.
So, with out any further delays...

The MPC Changed My Life: The Beat Machine Edition
Sunday May 17th 2009
Toi Bar - 577a College st
Toronto, CANADA.
Doors @ 10p
FaceBook event page here.

This night will be special one as I will be handing out full length copies of the famed and highly sought after Beat Machine CD Compilation by Blu Jemz || Scion A/V (Motherf*cking shouts to Blu Jemz for this one). You may recall an earlier post, where I extolled and praised the lineup.

The CD's lineup list reads as follows:

Dorian Concept
Flying Lotus
Mike Slott
Jay Scarlett
Dr Who Dat
Karriem Riggins
Blu Jemz

For those who know, I need to add nothing else. For those who do not, this lineup features some of the more prominent names in beat music and is unquestionably a stellar lineup. And this is FREE? Pffff.... All the artists on this comp have caught some shine from me @ some point, so if you're followed along, these names may/should sound familiar.

So May17th will be a special one. I look fwd to it and better yet, look fwd to seeing you all there, and to get you guys ready, pls download a sampler of this comp that I cut:

Download sampler here. (right click baby)

Or stream it here (if you're @ work):

This should be enough for you to chew on until the 17th.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Stones Throw's Toronto Tour Stop: Tonight @ Revival Bar

Just a reminder that the show is tonight.
You bet.
Dam-Funk, Mayer H, James Pants long side his band and of course PBW.
Cats best to be there. Should be kinda tight. As well, there's the Stüssy In Store happening from 6p-8p @ Stüssy Toronto. Sick. Find me there. Oh yea, Last I checked, I have an opening slot @ the show tonight. I'll keep cats posted.
Anyhow, let me leave you with some Maher H newness. Looking fwd to his set, esp after seeing live in Austin just over 1 month ago. Tight. Here's his new video for Just Ain't Gonna Work Out. Enjoy and see you tonight.

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