Thursday, April 30, 2009

Viral Is Vital: Viral Radio Shows 001 + 002 (download)

So after posting about my high regard for the beat music performances taking place @ Bimhuis, I was soon contacted by Juha and Cinnaman both of Viral Radio.

They have recently just started recording shows for all to enjoy. Juha and Cinnaman are two learned chaps who are down for the beat music cause, with no shred of doubt. As such, it's only right that I alert you to their show that will keep you abreast of the beatosphere. ;)

The 1st 2 shows are available as downloads, and both can be grabbed right now along with corresponding tracklists.

Show 001

Nosaj Thing - Lords
Dizz1 - Clocks
Computer Jay - Untitled
Misel Quitno - Pull it out somewhen (Dimlite remix)
Fulgeance - The Mamie
Dimlite - Ravemond’s young problems
Nosaj Thing - Coat of Arms
Dizz1 - Konotakonuke Yaro
Flying Lotus - Hard wave
Harmonic 313 with Phat Kat & Elzhi- Battlestar (dirty mix)
King Midas Sound - One ting (Dabrye remix)
Bullion - Young heartache
Mount Kimbie - Vertical
Joker - Untitled rsn
LD - Woodblock
Kode9 - Black Sun

show 002

Mark Prichard w/ Om'mas Keith - Wind it up (unreleased)
Joker - Purple City (Kapsize)
Quarta 330 - Sabacco (Hyperdub)
The Blessings - Faberge (unreleased)
Robot Koch vs Cerebral Vortex - Vortex Cookies (fLako remix) (Up my alley)
Nadsroic - Room mist (Lucky me)
Clause Four - Black Destroyer Hill (CD-R)
Daedelus - Touchstone (Ninja Tune)
Danny Breaks - Zappity zip zip (unreleased)
Harmonic 313 - Dutty (unreleased)
LL - Turf Day (unreleased)
Dabrye - Walk (Fat City Records)
Starkey - Drip (Creative space)
Guido - Orchestral lab drunk (Punch Drunk)
Joker - Do it (Kapsize)
Gemmy - Supligm (Planet Mu)
RSD - Accepted (R8 records)
Flying Lotus - AB original (unreleased)
Tony Oheix - Galaxy on the Table (Jarring Effect)

There are some pretty exclusive bangers on both so you now have a good idea of what's to come in the not so distant future. So pls be sure to show them some love, and leave them some kind comments for the work.

Now bang it out.



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