Friday, April 24, 2009

Versions Excursions: Architeq's RMX EP

I had been wanting to post about Achiteq's EP sometime ago when it dropped. But it got lost in space... But then I got a call last night from Nasty Nav asking if I knew about Achiteq's RMX EP. "NO. He's got a rmx EP??"
He was quick to add that it was banging and that he bought it asap. Now, I know that Nav's taste might not always intersect with mine, but I knew what Achiteq's was all about. And to boot, he added that there was a Fulgeance rmx. Oh yea?? I looking for it asap.

Beyond the fact that this is an ensemble of great producers that have been commissioned for the rmxs, this is what's missing: RMXs. I long the days of getting a single, and if not getting the rmx on the b-side, you had some coming down the pipe in future releases.
But regardless, we have a rmx EP with the likes of Kelpe, Fulgeance, Débruit, Jackhigh as well as a banger from James f*cking Pants. Loved what he did with that thick synth - nice and simple. Ahhh... I simply think Achiteq's Birds Of Prey Versions EP is a must own. A great compliment to the original EP that I also recommend. Just a quick nod for a great rmx EP.

Achiteq's Sleeping Bear Lament (James Pants Remix), but by all means, don't sleep! Enjoy ;)


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