Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sawandi Surprise: The Feeling (4JD)

I love surprises. Straight up. I try to listen to as much music as I can within these 24hrs that I have daily, and somehow squeezing in some sleep and a ride around the block.
So yesterday, after noticing a small error in my Sound Could acct settings, i jumped in only to notice a few joints sitting.
The most pleasant surprise was my man Sawandi from Kingston, JA!

Not quite the milieu of MPC and beat music, though we know men from yard appreciate crisp riddims and monstrous bass.
But isn't it lovely that my man can slip under the radar and hit me with such a banger? TIGHT!
Look for Sawandi's soon to be completed EP entitled The World Within, coming out on a small Jamaican indie called Ntelek Entertainment. Who would have known?? I love it same way.

Anyhow, take in this interstellar banger, The Feeling (4JD) by Sawandi. The way the joint just rides, you'll just wanna close your eyes and blow big puffs out the truck when you roll down...(RIP) Be sure to hit his myspace and show him some love. Say wrd.


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