Saturday, April 11, 2009

Red Bull Big Tune: On BET tonight @ 7.30p EST

Some of you know about the Red Bull Big Tune event that takes place yearly. If not, it's essentially a beat battle, a real clash - mano y mano. It's an event that was born in the mind to my man Jon in Seattle. 8 cities, 16 finalists, 1 champ. It's in it's 2nd year and they were able to score a little reality bit out of it.
I made it to the final in NY for 2008 and it was BANANAS.

Most did not know, but Toronto local Frank Dukes made it to the finals. Say wrd. That alone is a reason to peep it. Shouts to my man... all day.

Anyhow, for those in North America who get BET, make sure to tune in for Red Bull Big Tune for a look on how that went down.
Shouts to Jon, Jake One and all... Shouts to Frank Dukes, Dibia$e and 14kt.


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  1. Heard about Red Bull Big Tune on a site then found your post when looking up Dukes--Will be watching for a NW win...


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