Thursday, April 30, 2009

From 505s to Green Beat Tapes: Pursuit Grooves Makes Sustainable Moves

As a few of you know, my most recent trip to NY was for the BFNY show where I was sched'ed to have a sit down with a few ppl. Among them was BK beat music maestro Vanese Smith aka Pursuit Grooves.
We got to sit on a beautifully sunny day in BK amongst some of brooklynites during the launch of the spring/summer season. We kicked it and discussed all from the BFNY event, to production hardware to the local female clothing boutique that she is co-proprietress of.

Unknown to most, Pursuit Grooves received a Holistic Health certificate in 2005 after wanting to learn more about how our daily actions including what we do and how we eat not only affect us as individuals but contribute to the overall welfare of the community. Her sentiments @ present reflect an immediate urgency to spread the word about how every action toward sustainable living will slow the process of the negative effects on the future and the environment. Ha. You're telling me. You should have seen my neck after Miami. The ozone whole IS over SoBe.

We've always been told and encouraged in trying to promote green comportment, and that can be done in several ways. I know that I try to buy my music online a much as possible and @ times, almost exclusively and Pursuit Grooves' done the same by offering her previous 2 LPs as digi downloads allowing us to save on packaging. As well, in our discussion re: production hardware, and her adoration of the BOSS SP-505 (that's right), she's bought her last unit as previously owned item aka used and is looking for another (for anyone who may have/know of one). Every little bit of help factors in.

To commemorate Earth Day in April, Pursuit Grooves released an album entitled Sustainable Movements for A New Age.

This is a free digi album, again to save on materials. Although she's leaving her clothing retail sales venture, she's also going to sell organic cotton t-shirts with song titles (tour merch anyone?)

The track listing for Sustainable Movements for A New Age reads as follows:

Electric Company Cars
Petrol Water Feeders
Footprints Galore
Dirty Clean Coal
Fear of Genetic Engineers
Pest Insides
Canvas Tote Bags
Nuclear Rainbows
Crap Snacks
Solar Panels
Lost Honey Bees
Partially Hydrogenated Arteries
War Crimes in Space
All Things Green
Fresher Than Yours
Tricycle Network
Quality Goods

Be sure to download your copy of Sustainable Movements..., and take in some of what Pursuit Grooves is telling you: play your position. Be sure to keep a small carbon foot prints, and play these big beats!

You can download the entire LP here, and whilst that's taking place, here's a track to take in:

Fresher Than Yours, by Pursuit Grooves. Love this beat. Enjoy.


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