Saturday, April 18, 2009

Brainfed: Brainfeeder NYC 16-4-09

To say this was a great night was an understatement. For anyone who mildly follows this scene, much of it centers around a few things: shows and the music. As redundant as that sounds, that's it. The shows are far and few between (outside of LA/Bay) and you never get to hear these chunes BANG OUT on a system - and that's the highest pleasure right there, to quote Mike Slott.

So the setting: Club Love in NY. The system was just bananas, in fact neighbors (as they do in YYZ) were starting to bitch. LOL. But man, shouts to the whole massive: Slott, Ras, Martyn, Kode9, Pursuit Grooves & FLyLo of course. Hearing these joints bang out was such a delight.

The lineup was just insane when I got there... @ 9.45p! They came from far and wide to peep this. Good times. Shouts to Mec for the chaperoning. Shouts to Torsten and best of all, shouts to Jinesis! What a pleasant surprise and glad you came out dude. Wrd.

Here are but a few picks that should convey the vibe.

Best news of the night?? Low End is coming back to NY. Nuts.


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