Thursday, April 30, 2009

Viral Is Vital: Viral Radio Shows 001 + 002 (download)

So after posting about my high regard for the beat music performances taking place @ Bimhuis, I was soon contacted by Juha and Cinnaman both of Viral Radio.

They have recently just started recording shows for all to enjoy. Juha and Cinnaman are two learned chaps who are down for the beat music cause, with no shred of doubt. As such, it's only right that I alert you to their show that will keep you abreast of the beatosphere. ;)

The 1st 2 shows are available as downloads, and both can be grabbed right now along with corresponding tracklists.

Show 001

Nosaj Thing - Lords
Dizz1 - Clocks
Computer Jay - Untitled
Misel Quitno - Pull it out somewhen (Dimlite remix)
Fulgeance - The Mamie
Dimlite - Ravemond’s young problems
Nosaj Thing - Coat of Arms
Dizz1 - Konotakonuke Yaro
Flying Lotus - Hard wave
Harmonic 313 with Phat Kat & Elzhi- Battlestar (dirty mix)
King Midas Sound - One ting (Dabrye remix)
Bullion - Young heartache
Mount Kimbie - Vertical
Joker - Untitled rsn
LD - Woodblock
Kode9 - Black Sun

show 002

Mark Prichard w/ Om'mas Keith - Wind it up (unreleased)
Joker - Purple City (Kapsize)
Quarta 330 - Sabacco (Hyperdub)
The Blessings - Faberge (unreleased)
Robot Koch vs Cerebral Vortex - Vortex Cookies (fLako remix) (Up my alley)
Nadsroic - Room mist (Lucky me)
Clause Four - Black Destroyer Hill (CD-R)
Daedelus - Touchstone (Ninja Tune)
Danny Breaks - Zappity zip zip (unreleased)
Harmonic 313 - Dutty (unreleased)
LL - Turf Day (unreleased)
Dabrye - Walk (Fat City Records)
Starkey - Drip (Creative space)
Guido - Orchestral lab drunk (Punch Drunk)
Joker - Do it (Kapsize)
Gemmy - Supligm (Planet Mu)
RSD - Accepted (R8 records)
Flying Lotus - AB original (unreleased)
Tony Oheix - Galaxy on the Table (Jarring Effect)

There are some pretty exclusive bangers on both so you now have a good idea of what's to come in the not so distant future. So pls be sure to show them some love, and leave them some kind comments for the work.

Now bang it out.


From 505s to Green Beat Tapes: Pursuit Grooves Makes Sustainable Moves

As a few of you know, my most recent trip to NY was for the BFNY show where I was sched'ed to have a sit down with a few ppl. Among them was BK beat music maestro Vanese Smith aka Pursuit Grooves.
We got to sit on a beautifully sunny day in BK amongst some of brooklynites during the launch of the spring/summer season. We kicked it and discussed all from the BFNY event, to production hardware to the local female clothing boutique that she is co-proprietress of.

Unknown to most, Pursuit Grooves received a Holistic Health certificate in 2005 after wanting to learn more about how our daily actions including what we do and how we eat not only affect us as individuals but contribute to the overall welfare of the community. Her sentiments @ present reflect an immediate urgency to spread the word about how every action toward sustainable living will slow the process of the negative effects on the future and the environment. Ha. You're telling me. You should have seen my neck after Miami. The ozone whole IS over SoBe.

We've always been told and encouraged in trying to promote green comportment, and that can be done in several ways. I know that I try to buy my music online a much as possible and @ times, almost exclusively and Pursuit Grooves' done the same by offering her previous 2 LPs as digi downloads allowing us to save on packaging. As well, in our discussion re: production hardware, and her adoration of the BOSS SP-505 (that's right), she's bought her last unit as previously owned item aka used and is looking for another (for anyone who may have/know of one). Every little bit of help factors in.

To commemorate Earth Day in April, Pursuit Grooves released an album entitled Sustainable Movements for A New Age.

This is a free digi album, again to save on materials. Although she's leaving her clothing retail sales venture, she's also going to sell organic cotton t-shirts with song titles (tour merch anyone?)

The track listing for Sustainable Movements for A New Age reads as follows:

Electric Company Cars
Petrol Water Feeders
Footprints Galore
Dirty Clean Coal
Fear of Genetic Engineers
Pest Insides
Canvas Tote Bags
Nuclear Rainbows
Crap Snacks
Solar Panels
Lost Honey Bees
Partially Hydrogenated Arteries
War Crimes in Space
All Things Green
Fresher Than Yours
Tricycle Network
Quality Goods

Be sure to download your copy of Sustainable Movements..., and take in some of what Pursuit Grooves is telling you: play your position. Be sure to keep a small carbon foot prints, and play these big beats!

You can download the entire LP here, and whilst that's taking place, here's a track to take in:

Fresher Than Yours, by Pursuit Grooves. Love this beat. Enjoy.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BANG YA HEAD II: Stones Throw release MED podcast, mixed by Rhettmatic

I was just about to jump out the crib, and saw this just drop into iTunes...

Say wrd.

You know the drill, get down and get it.



Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sawandi Surprise: The Feeling (4JD)

I love surprises. Straight up. I try to listen to as much music as I can within these 24hrs that I have daily, and somehow squeezing in some sleep and a ride around the block.
So yesterday, after noticing a small error in my Sound Could acct settings, i jumped in only to notice a few joints sitting.
The most pleasant surprise was my man Sawandi from Kingston, JA!

Not quite the milieu of MPC and beat music, though we know men from yard appreciate crisp riddims and monstrous bass.
But isn't it lovely that my man can slip under the radar and hit me with such a banger? TIGHT!
Look for Sawandi's soon to be completed EP entitled The World Within, coming out on a small Jamaican indie called Ntelek Entertainment. Who would have known?? I love it same way.

Anyhow, take in this interstellar banger, The Feeling (4JD) by Sawandi. The way the joint just rides, you'll just wanna close your eyes and blow big puffs out the truck when you roll down...(RIP) Be sure to hit his myspace and show him some love. Say wrd.


Adroit Adventures: The Clonious Gets Down With Ubiquity

There isn't a week that passes that i don't think of the good times @ had @ RBMA in 2007. Even better has been the good friends I've made and still stay in touch with. Greatest, has been seeing the releases emerge from these very same RBMA grads. From HudMo, to Samiyam to Musinah (who were all in Toronto in 2007) and even the engineers like Waajeed and Mark Pritchard.
Newest to offer a release has been: The Clonious née Paul Movahedi. A quiet and subdued cat, who simply let his music speak volumes.
Loud enough for SoCal based Ubiquity to hear, 9852 kms away from Vienna, AUSTRIA.
As a result, we now have an EP on the calendar: Adroit Adventures, dropping June 9th on Ubiquity Records.

Though having had a preceding release on Jay Scarlett's Circulations LP, this 4 cut EP will be The Clonious' coming out, introduction to the world. Enlisted to help the creative producer have been the likes of Musinah, as well fellow country cousin and very good friend Dorian Concept.

The Adroit Adventures EP tracklist will read as follows:

1. Fogged Space Suit
2. One At A TIme feat Musinah
3. Emora
4. Emora (Dorian Concept rmx)

So make sure to cop Adroit Adventures by The Clonious when it drops June 9th, and take all the joints in, esp this slow flow banger: One At A Time, featuring Muhsniah.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Cloudded! Million Apologies

To all those who has sent music to my SoundCloud account. Just a small glitch in my access, but it's all good now. I'm going through a gang of joints right now. Thank you much!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Out Of Touch, Out Of Site: Lunice Rmx EP

I used to love Hall & Oates. Still do in fact. And, I'm not even sure how old Lunice is, but I was curious enough to hear what he was going to do with this. So when I noticed Lunice had a this new EP avail, I jumped and grabbed it.
Popped it in to iTunes and....

Banger! Sorry but I love these simple chorus/vocal chops as rmxs - quasi dubs really.
Do yourself a solid and holla @ my man Lunice, and grab this FREE EP whilst you still can.

Cuz you if you don't, you're just Out Of Touch like Hall & Oates (Lunice rmx)


Dimlite in Dim Lights: BeatDimensions @ Bimhuis, HOL. 04.24.2009

My man Dom and I were chatting about what is the look of performance beat music. I told him about shows that I heard of taking place @ Bimhuis in Holland, a jazz and improvisation performance space. I had seen shots of Mike Slott and HudMo (seen below) and others rawking it.

In fact, I was a hair away of seeing one last year. I had always loved the idea of playing/performing for an attentive crowd - sans the distraction of a full dancefloor...
ANYHOW, last week was another date @ Bimhuis where a Beat Dimension performance was to take place. Enlisted for the night were Kode 9, Spaceape, Cinnamin and Juha.

We need this Toronto. Here's the footage of Dimlite rawking it in his solo performance.

I def need to see this myself soon.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Versions Excursions: Architeq's RMX EP

I had been wanting to post about Achiteq's EP sometime ago when it dropped. But it got lost in space... But then I got a call last night from Nasty Nav asking if I knew about Achiteq's RMX EP. "NO. He's got a rmx EP??"
He was quick to add that it was banging and that he bought it asap. Now, I know that Nav's taste might not always intersect with mine, but I knew what Achiteq's was all about. And to boot, he added that there was a Fulgeance rmx. Oh yea?? I looking for it asap.

Beyond the fact that this is an ensemble of great producers that have been commissioned for the rmxs, this is what's missing: RMXs. I long the days of getting a single, and if not getting the rmx on the b-side, you had some coming down the pipe in future releases.
But regardless, we have a rmx EP with the likes of Kelpe, Fulgeance, Débruit, Jackhigh as well as a banger from James f*cking Pants. Loved what he did with that thick synth - nice and simple. Ahhh... I simply think Achiteq's Birds Of Prey Versions EP is a must own. A great compliment to the original EP that I also recommend. Just a quick nod for a great rmx EP.

Achiteq's Sleeping Bear Lament (James Pants Remix), but by all means, don't sleep! Enjoy ;)


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

PUDGE: The Best Un-Kept Secret

A few weeks ago, I hung out w/ Circle Research and recorded a podcast with them... on some chilling in the studio and play some music and have conversation.
I essentially got into what got me into this little point I'm @ now - the beats, the music and this mini blog. RBMA 2007, and Jay Scarlett were the ppl I thanked. (shouts to Torsten, and good look this past weekend).
But when we got on music, I had to mention this dude that I 1st met via Jay in late 2007 and that was P.U.D.G.E.

Born in Jamaica, Queens NY, P.U.D.G.E. path to music was destined.
Born of a bassist and band member father and a mother who was described a LOVEr of music, he picked up his father's bass @ the age of 10. @ 15, he started to spin vinyl and came the DJ gigs.
Soon, and in a natural progression, P.U.D.G.E. eventually started to tinker with production.
He then joined forces with the production massive VCJ in 2001. He eventually moved to LA in '04 and has been prodicing full time in since 2005.
After making some noise by entering and winning beat battles form NY to LA, he's been diligently working away on riddims in LAX amongst the well documented and accomplished beat music milieu, and some have taken notice.
On calendar are releases @ All City (double A side with Dibia$e) and as well, one of the most anticipated sequels: Beat Dimensions 2. He's also done collaborative works with Front2Blaq out of Germany and Kissey Asplund among others. Unbeknownst to many, P.U.D.G.E. spits and as he put it - he couldn't help it. His dad held a mic and he loves the rhyme. Look out for vocals from him real soon...

Why the Best Un-Kept Secret?? I toyed with a few titles, but the fact of the matter is that no set gets played without a P.U.D.G.E. banger. He's put out the kind of material that has made most rate him out the gate. All who I've introduced P.U.D.G.E. too have all had that agape look. Like, "WTF?? WHO IS THIS?" After releasing my last mix in Dec 2008, someone on a message board made this comment:

i was fuckin head noddin the entire mix but lets say between 26:00-28:00 i was doin that shit so hard i could feel shit crackin in my damn neck. good job man. last one was dope as well. - warrensid

He spoke of a P.U.D.G.E. track entitled 'Ruined My Record'. You can find that original post here and that joint on that afore mentioned mix.

Regardless, I hope all will keep a close eye on dude. You can find him in and around the LA area gigging, hanging out @ the Airliner during a Low End Theory or as I did, @ the famous Do_Over @ the Crane.

HudMo, Exile, P.U.D.G.E., ur boy, Ty G of HVW8 circa Oct '08 @ Low End Theory

Make sure to show him some love on his myspace and stay tuned.

In the mean time, I've created a snack pack of P.U.D.G.E. sets and mixes. In it are mixes he made for Lord Jay Scarlett and AmpSoul Generation, and the other for the infamous Dublab out of LA.

Download it here. Nota bene - it's it's large file, be patient.

Whilst you wait for the download to complete, you can take in another joint: Someone To Snuff, courtesy of P.U.D.G.E..

Enjoy. I did.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mutek Lineup Announced

A few days ago, Mutek announced the full lineup for Mutek10.

Would have done with some more cats, esp from the LA/Low End Theory side of things, but I see Moonstarr. Jeremy Ellis, Jahcoozi (esp R.Koch) as well as Trus'Me (who's here in NY right now think). I've not seen Moonstarr in a hot min, and I'm just weeks removed from seeing Jeremy Ellis do his thing. But I should be out there peeping some of it.


Brainfed: Brainfeeder NYC 16-4-09

To say this was a great night was an understatement. For anyone who mildly follows this scene, much of it centers around a few things: shows and the music. As redundant as that sounds, that's it. The shows are far and few between (outside of LA/Bay) and you never get to hear these chunes BANG OUT on a system - and that's the highest pleasure right there, to quote Mike Slott.

So the setting: Club Love in NY. The system was just bananas, in fact neighbors (as they do in YYZ) were starting to bitch. LOL. But man, shouts to the whole massive: Slott, Ras, Martyn, Kode9, Pursuit Grooves & FLyLo of course. Hearing these joints bang out was such a delight.

The lineup was just insane when I got there... @ 9.45p! They came from far and wide to peep this. Good times. Shouts to Mec for the chaperoning. Shouts to Torsten and best of all, shouts to Jinesis! What a pleasant surprise and glad you came out dude. Wrd.

Here are but a few picks that should convey the vibe.

Best news of the night?? Low End is coming back to NY. Nuts.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

All Funked Up: Dam Funk MP3

Just landed minutes ago @ JFK. Just got the tweet from Stones Throw re: a Dam Funk track, Let's Take Off (far away) from his newly released maxi 12". How a propos! I just took off... not far away (but that's coming soon)

Since I can't upload tracks from JFK's T5, grab the link and download the track whilst it's still up. Shouts to Stones Throw as always.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

CRCL RSRCH x MMH: Episode #24

The good cats from Circle Research had me for a quick session. I actually didn't realize that I was going to have to talk and it took me a min to get used to t he setup... all good. Had a awesome time. And in fact, I can't wait to go back man.... Nuts. Which make me think: I need to start a podcast of some sorts

In anycase, I love the fact that they sent me the full code just simply plug and drop right in. ;) Good look.

Regardless, take it all in. You can find all you need here - including track listing and the rest of their archived podcasts. They don't play!

Boom. Holla soon.


Red Bull Big Tune: On BET tonight @ 7.30p EST

Some of you know about the Red Bull Big Tune event that takes place yearly. If not, it's essentially a beat battle, a real clash - mano y mano. It's an event that was born in the mind to my man Jon in Seattle. 8 cities, 16 finalists, 1 champ. It's in it's 2nd year and they were able to score a little reality bit out of it.
I made it to the final in NY for 2008 and it was BANANAS.

Most did not know, but Toronto local Frank Dukes made it to the finals. Say wrd. That alone is a reason to peep it. Shouts to my man... all day.

Anyhow, for those in North America who get BET, make sure to tune in for Red Bull Big Tune for a look on how that went down.
Shouts to Jon, Jake One and all... Shouts to Frank Dukes, Dibia$e and 14kt.


FLyLo x Rustie x HudMo: Pyramids Of Boom Footage

Pyramids of Boom, as reported earlier was seemingly the sh*t.
Finally, some good and clear footage. Shouts to my man Andy who linked this. YES.

This will soon enough happen here. ;)


Thursday, April 2, 2009

The MPC Changed My Life: Easter Edition

Just like it says... If you're in Toronto, come have some fun.

Facebook group here


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

BrainFood: Brainfeeder NY Show

My man Slott and Ras_G put both put me on this on Twitter, though it has been reported on the BrainFeeder site as well.

Are you for real?? This will be monumental. I'm just sayd removed from sxsw and wmc and I'm now booking my flight for this?? Someone loves me.
Speaking of love, this lineup reads like an All Star cast. Wow.
For this looking to go, you can cop tckts @ the venue website: Love Nightclub NYC.

See you there.

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