Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Low End Theory: A Rare PODCAST (Daddy Kev x Samiyam)

For those that have never experienced a Low End Theory before, I must add that it's quite the show - and beyond words really.
I was lucky enough to have witnessed one last year, and a quite prestigious one @ that.
The Lucky Me tour was out in LA (shouts to Rustie, HudMo, Slott and Dom Sum) and we all had a blast (after we ate some fried chicken!)
Anyhow, this legendary weekly is a must for all into... beats. PERIOD.

So we have been lucky enough to be blessed with a rarity: a Low End Theory Podcast. The only one I had before that was the Daddy Kev podcast from the short lived Low End Theory NY edition. I hope to see that one come back, though I have no issues doing LA.

Anyhow, here we go:

Low End Theory featuring Daddy Kev and Samiyam, hosted by Nocando.


Download your HD out. ;)

Go nuts and show Low End Theory, Daddy Kev and Samiyam some love. Say wrd.


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