Friday, March 6, 2009

LA, Stand Up! MAH Chimes In on Cali Scene

I was pretty bummed that I missed it. Mary Anne Hobbs @ Low End Theory must have been momentous. Between having The Glitch Mob run a set (who I need to see soon), and special guest/crown prince FLyLo, her Low End Theory coronation must have been one to see.

In convos w/ hoodtronica™ fans and producers outside of LA, I have simply said this: Los Angeles is the Mecca, the Alpha and the Omega. NY may have hip hop locked, Nashville may have country music lassoed, but LA has recently exercised a sort of midi (and mind) control on that electro-nicescene. It's membership of producers is deep and very accomplished. The MPC in LA seems to have become what timbs are to NY, and spurs are to Nashville.

And to add to it, you have a dedicated night, Low End Theory that has had rippling effects through out the world and many have wanted to make their quasi Hajj to LET @ the Airliner. There's something really special going on and I for one love LA for it.

But don't take my word for it. Here's what Miss Hobbs had to say about it for XLR8 tv

Sonar 2009, it will be.


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