Wednesday, March 4, 2009

JEMZ! Blu Jemz x Scion A/V Presents Beat Machine.

Man, I love this game. (cue classic NBA ad w/ Hall and Oates).
So I've been hearing all this rumbling about this Blu Jemz promo about to drop. Then my man Mike Slott's tweet mentioned the Blu Jemz blog post being up...

Lord Jay essentially linked it. As always, a massive plate of bun and cheese for Jay Scarlett aka Alpha & Omega, who's got a banger on this one, and he's in brilliant company.

Track listing looks as such (in order of appearance):

Dorian Concept
Flying Lotus
Mike Slott
Jay Scarlett
Dr Who Dat
Karriem Riggins
Blu Jemz

Man, as he mentioned - this was Blu Jemz's ode, a quasi Beat Dimension. All love. Apparently this is a freebie with purchase @ Turntable Lab or when you pass thru the store. Tight. LA - grab one whilst you can. It's just bananas.

So many bangers but only 2 will get played...

Jay Scarlett - The Jawn

The few who follow my ramblings both here and on various message boards know that i have near limitless praise for Karriem Riggins. 12's in 8 off this CD is such a banger... UGH! I used to listen to it over and over again off the Music Kaleidoscope mix. Well... Thank you Blu Jemz.

Karriem Riggins - 12' in 8.



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