Sunday, March 1, 2009

Change Your Style: Amdex Drops new Vid

Sometime back, when this beat music mite bit me in my neck, there are few cats that I swapped stories and experiences with early. AmDex was one of them. Having heard a banger on the PUDGE Ampsoul Generation mix, I quickly sought dude out to peep the rest of the catalog.
FFWD, and I'm now find out out that dude spits. Nice.
This is AmDex feat. Supastition and Elevader Dan. (prod. by AmDex)

Change Your Style was a banger off AmDex's beat tape I had heard, and I'm glad to see this drop as a single. Even better, the news of an EP coming - The 7 Scrolls should keep you amped. Make sure to stay up on my man esp seeing that he and his VJC clique can bang em out.

And speaking of bangin' em out... he's another smooth banger from AmDex I still play the hell out of... Show love.

AmDex - 612

Say wrd.


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