Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Morgan Blu: Tanya Morgan ft Blu (live) @ SXSW 2009

Amongst the 10 million performances @ sxsw (and that may be on the low end), I caught the Tanya Morgan show @ the NahRight x Smoking Section showcase. Tight as always and even more special seeing that iLyas was on stage! Been a months of sundays since I seen the three together. Say wrd.

Getting ready to perform in the adjoining room was the celebrated Blu & Exile, as such we were treated to a performance of a forthcoming joint: Morgan Blu feat Blu.

Being pressed for time, Blu literally walked off the stage after his verse. Nuts. Make sure to get right and cop that Brooklynati dropping in May 12th. Track list will read as follows:

1. On Our Way
2. Alleye Need (feat. Piakhan)
3. So Damn Down
4. Bang & Boogie
5. Don't U Holla (feat. Jermiside)
6. Hardcore Gentlemen
7. Plan B (feat. Napoleon)
8. Intermission (feat. Peter Hadar)
9. Shes Gone aka Without You (feat. Phonte & Brittany Bosco)
10. Never 2ndary (feat. Jermiside, Che Grand, Elucid & Spec Boogie) (The Lessondary)
11. Just Not True (feat. Brick Beats)
12. Morgan Blu (feat. Blu)
13. Never Enough (Crazy Love) (feat. Carlitta Durand)
14. We're Fly. (feat. Kay of The Foundation & Chop)
15. Just Arrived (Now What?)
16. Forgot 2 Say (Bonus Track)

Anyhow, for those who didn't make it, enjoy an audio recording of the live performance.



Monday, March 30, 2009

MURDER! GasLamp Killer @ Hella International 2009 (video & podcast)

After weeks on the road, i'm glad to be back. K. Now, let's get back to it.
WMC 2009 just passed and more notably, Stones Throw Hella International 2009 was in full effect in MIA. I was more than pleased to attend the celebrated day. Why?? Cuz of ppl like The Mother F*ckin GasLamp Killer!

With such a memorable performance of what I will now call and qualify as THUG STEP, It was only right that Stones Throw release the podcast for the world to enjoy. But they did it so swiftly, I don't think that I had even disembarked the plane on my flight back the day after. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit.

You can download it and subscribe for free to the legendary podcast here, GET IT. Shouts to all the bboys who RAWKED IT. LOL. I hope someone got some footage...

Aiight. More to come tomorrow... Glad to be MotherF*cking back! ;)


Monday, March 16, 2009

Hella Updated: Partial Lineup Announced

As I reported, Stones Throw's Hella International 2009 is coming up in Miami during WMC.

Officially: PB Wolf, Funky President, Long time Stones Throw friend and Hella Int staple A-Trak along with his bro Dave1 of Chromeo fame.
They've just announced what I will call a partial lineup as they always have many more guest simply drop in. No sign of my man though. Ugh. All good.

Hope to have more confirmed guests soon. Wrd.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pyramid Of Boom: FlyLo x HudMo x Rustie Play Pharaohs

Just off a tweet my man HudMo, Flying Lotus heads across the pond for a colossal night.

Pyramids Of Boom will be a night of beat music and bassline bedlam, to take place April 3rd 2009 in Glasgow, featuring:
Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke and Rustie.

Last all together during the Lucky Me tour in Oct of 08 @ Low End in Los Angeles, this will be a reunion of sorts, to the benefit of all attending and certainly Warp Records. As you may know by now, these anarchists of audio alchemy are all part of the new Warp family. What a live tour that would be... This will also apparently be HudMo's 1st gig in Glasgow in 2 yrs. What a massive night.

If you're in the area around this time - do yourself a solid and go. You need tumultuous tetrahedron in your life.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hella Tease: Stones Throw x WMC 2009

As we near the mid way point of March, 2 things are apparent:

March Madness is about to start and Stones Throw's WMC event, Hella International 2009 draws very near.

For those not familiar, Hella International, it's an annual broad daylight party @ WMC that Stones Throw puts on. It's grown every year and last year was simply Sammy Bananas. I would even say, plantain. ST officially released the Hella Int 2009 flyer.

Looking fwd to this year's edition despite it being a little further north than usual, but it will be nice nonetheless as it's one of the nicer if not the nicest daytime parties. Period.

Anyhow, in the spirit of sharing, here's some of my older footage from the last few.

Madlib @ Raleigh Hotel, 2007.

Madlib w/ Wildchild Freestyle @ Raleigh Hotel 2007

Last Year's Flyer - artwork courtesy of Parra.

Karriem Riggins aka Karriem Riddims @ The Raleigh Hotel 2008 (don't get me started)

Dâm-Funk @ The Raleigh Hotel 2008

PBW & Biz Markie @ The Raleigh Hotel 2008

The WitchDoctor himself during his set @ The Raleigh Hotel 2008.

Awwwwww sh*t.

More pics from Hella International 2008

Created with my man's application.

Anyhow, hope to see some of you out there. 18 more days.


Mayer Hawthorne @ BBC 1 Xtra (MP3 download)

And it don't stop, and it don't quit, ST coming thru w/ that funky sh*t.

Was about to step out the crib when I got a little ST tweet. I knew Stones Throw was on tour through various dates in EU. Mayer H has been buzzing in EU from what I recalled in a convo with the man himself (whilst in Toronto), so it was only right that he do a pass thru Benji B's most prestigious show over @ 1Xtra.

Europe Tour Blog - Day 4 part 4

What has resulted is an MP3 of the acclaimed show, featuring ST's own Mayer Hawthorne.
Benji's show is one that, as highly exalted as it is, is not the easiest to archive. For this to be avail, let alone with 4 new Mayer H joints?? Bananas.

Anyhow, get it whilst it's still banging!

Or if you happened to be @ work, stream it here. ;)

Mayer Hawthrone @ BBC 1Xtra w/ Benji B.


Who Keeps The Fuse Lit - New Sh*t! Suff Daddy's @ It Again.

Shouts to MPM who are just keep it moving. As I sat there painting, thinking what a slow week this will be - cuz I have no desk and my house is how we like to say, sens dessus dessous. Complete chaos.
But in the midst of all that, my BarackBerry goes off and it's an email from MPM. They have decided to release a promo only rmx 12" from the Berlin Babdboy himself, Suff Daddy.

Essentially, this will be Detroit themed promo. In 07 (I believe), Look Records had a rmx contest for Phat Kat's Nightmare feat. Guilty Simpson. Suff Daddy entered and won the contest and sat patiently for this release to see light of day. Sadly it did not, but SD just kept @ it, as we all know.

In any case, MPM will be releasing 500 units of this exclusive promo. The a side will have the contest winning nightmare rmx, and the b side will be a personal non commissioned rmx from Suff himself, Dabrye's classic cut - Game Over featuring Phat Kat and The Greatest. Through what channels this wax will be funneled, I'm not entirely sure but be sure to hit MPM up for more deets. Be sure to show my man SD some love as well. And speaking of that love, love the way the feel of this originally hard track, just got flipped to something hella smooth. Take this one in... ;)

Dabrye - Game Over feat. Phat Kat + J Dilla (suff daddy rmx)


Drop A Gem On'Em

Some know I found my wedding song already (shouts to Rev. Mike Slott), and now may have found my wedding ring too.
Enter Bill McMullen aka Billions McMillions. Graphic artist by trade and jeweler as well apparently. Nuts.

Silver joints are apparently sold out, but there's still a gold one to let cats know you're not playing. But really, you are. ;) Bang a beat out @ the head table.

Don't lemme get serious with a girl who does beats.... LOL. Imagine popping one of those on her. Not quite the blue box. Though the iced out MP is not new, McMillions gets a shout for this one. I bet you Jeremy Ellis got one. You can cop it too.

I hereby pronounce thee...


Friday, March 6, 2009

LA, Stand Up! MAH Chimes In on Cali Scene

I was pretty bummed that I missed it. Mary Anne Hobbs @ Low End Theory must have been momentous. Between having The Glitch Mob run a set (who I need to see soon), and special guest/crown prince FLyLo, her Low End Theory coronation must have been one to see.

In convos w/ hoodtronica™ fans and producers outside of LA, I have simply said this: Los Angeles is the Mecca, the Alpha and the Omega. NY may have hip hop locked, Nashville may have country music lassoed, but LA has recently exercised a sort of midi (and mind) control on that electro-nicescene. It's membership of producers is deep and very accomplished. The MPC in LA seems to have become what timbs are to NY, and spurs are to Nashville.

And to add to it, you have a dedicated night, Low End Theory that has had rippling effects through out the world and many have wanted to make their quasi Hajj to LET @ the Airliner. There's something really special going on and I for one love LA for it.

But don't take my word for it. Here's what Miss Hobbs had to say about it for XLR8 tv

Sonar 2009, it will be.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Young Heart of Gold: Bullion

100k downloads. That's the amount of times Pet Sounds in the Key of D was scooped. A Beach Boys project as Jay Dee would have seen in completed, crafted by the deft hands and mind of Bullion. That may have signaled what was to become his mete-ore-ric rise.
He added to his catalog in 2008 year with a highly anticipated and well received 12" Get Familiar/Rude Effort, which is still avail on iTunes (where I copped mine).
He's now got the Young Heartache EP done.

If you've been on Bullion and his sound as Gilles, Mary Anne, Benji and countless others like myself have, you'll cop this 4 bangers that is avail on iTunes now, with the wax on pre-order, shipping in March. Period.

Here's the title track from your man, Bullion's EP Young Heartache. And show him some love. ;)

Bullion - Young Heartache.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stoned Is The Way Of The Spring: Stones Throw iTunes 2009 Sampler

What a day... man.

ST is @ it again. They stay busy and in turn keep me busy. ARGH.

I noticed on one of their tweets that they dropped a Spring 2009 sampler with yet to be released gems and rmxs. Dope.

Deets are here. Track listing as follows:

Dam-Funk - Let's Take Off (forthcoming 12-inch single)
Guilty Simpson - What to Do (Oh No Remix)
Koushik - Lying In the Sun
Baron Zen - Talk to Me (PB Wolf Remix)
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - The Power of Myth
Madlib - Dirty Hop
James Pants - Cosmic Rap (Egyptian Lover Remix)
M.E.D. - Out of Control (from forthcoming Stones Throw x Serato 12-inch)
Mayer Hawthorne - Just Ain't Gonna Work Out
Savath Y Savalas - La Llama (from forthcoming album on Stones Throw)
J Rocc - Hot Feet (from forthcoming Stones Throw x Serato 12-inch)
Arabian Prince - Let's Hit the Beach
Madvillain - Pearls

You can cop it from iTunes now.

How about some more Guilty Simpson rmx'd courtesy of your man Oh No. Another bang-er.

Guilty Simpson - What To Do (Oh No rmx)



JEMZ! Blu Jemz x Scion A/V Presents Beat Machine.

Man, I love this game. (cue classic NBA ad w/ Hall and Oates).
So I've been hearing all this rumbling about this Blu Jemz promo about to drop. Then my man Mike Slott's tweet mentioned the Blu Jemz blog post being up...

Lord Jay essentially linked it. As always, a massive plate of bun and cheese for Jay Scarlett aka Alpha & Omega, who's got a banger on this one, and he's in brilliant company.

Track listing looks as such (in order of appearance):

Dorian Concept
Flying Lotus
Mike Slott
Jay Scarlett
Dr Who Dat
Karriem Riggins
Blu Jemz

Man, as he mentioned - this was Blu Jemz's ode, a quasi Beat Dimension. All love. Apparently this is a freebie with purchase @ Turntable Lab or when you pass thru the store. Tight. LA - grab one whilst you can. It's just bananas.

So many bangers but only 2 will get played...

Jay Scarlett - The Jawn

The few who follow my ramblings both here and on various message boards know that i have near limitless praise for Karriem Riggins. 12's in 8 off this CD is such a banger... UGH! I used to listen to it over and over again off the Music Kaleidoscope mix. Well... Thank you Blu Jemz.

Karriem Riggins - 12' in 8.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Low End Theory: A Rare PODCAST (Daddy Kev x Samiyam)

For those that have never experienced a Low End Theory before, I must add that it's quite the show - and beyond words really.
I was lucky enough to have witnessed one last year, and a quite prestigious one @ that.
The Lucky Me tour was out in LA (shouts to Rustie, HudMo, Slott and Dom Sum) and we all had a blast (after we ate some fried chicken!)
Anyhow, this legendary weekly is a must for all into... beats. PERIOD.

So we have been lucky enough to be blessed with a rarity: a Low End Theory Podcast. The only one I had before that was the Daddy Kev podcast from the short lived Low End Theory NY edition. I hope to see that one come back, though I have no issues doing LA.

Anyhow, here we go:

Low End Theory featuring Daddy Kev and Samiyam, hosted by Nocando.


Download your HD out. ;)

Go nuts and show Low End Theory, Daddy Kev and Samiyam some love. Say wrd.


Act 4: Out Now

For those familiar with Stones Throw way of life, they have released Thank You Jay Dee, Act 4. And most welcomed is the news that it's still free. Say wrd.

You can get it here, but what you should really do is simply get down with the Stones Throw Podcast.

Any you know this...


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Change Your Style: Amdex Drops new Vid

Sometime back, when this beat music mite bit me in my neck, there are few cats that I swapped stories and experiences with early. AmDex was one of them. Having heard a banger on the PUDGE Ampsoul Generation mix, I quickly sought dude out to peep the rest of the catalog.
FFWD, and I'm now find out out that dude spits. Nice.
This is AmDex feat. Supastition and Elevader Dan. (prod. by AmDex)

Change Your Style was a banger off AmDex's beat tape I had heard, and I'm glad to see this drop as a single. Even better, the news of an EP coming - The 7 Scrolls should keep you amped. Make sure to stay up on my man esp seeing that he and his VJC clique can bang em out.

And speaking of bangin' em out... he's another smooth banger from AmDex I still play the hell out of... Show love.

AmDex - 612

Say wrd.


P.U.D.G.E. At Dublab [DWNLD]

One of the nicest out there to be doing it. Period.
Found this mix that my man PUDGE made for all world Dublab February of 2008. Still not sure how I came across but no worries. Just make sure you tune into his James Ambrose Johnson Jr aka Rick James flip. Nuts.

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