Sunday, February 15, 2009

Usually Rock around 92 bpm...

So here we are. 92bpm is here. 92bpm you ask?? Well, to quote a luminary:

"I usually rock around 92bpm..." - Jay Dee

It will be my new brand, the one that I will carry with me in my travels. v1.0 is up and running like Usain Bolt. More updates to the functionality as we go along, and additional content, more so than before. Picking up where I left off.... So, if you came from nstrmntl2urdvlpmnt, welcome. If not , welcome. ;)

If you want to send some joints over, peep the dropbox @ the top of the page. You can also catch me on twitter. I also have the Facebook group for those out there.

Anyhow, let's have fun. Can't wait to get up with cats.

So to blast it all off, come out tonight (or see below).

Pce to Lord Jay. ;)


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