Tuesday, February 3, 2009

MPC Changed My Life: Feb 15th, Toi Bar.

Couldn't have said it any better. Cats know what's up. This one piece of hardware has evolved to define (and possibly re:define) beats and the music spawned from it. The mere mention of the MP and it's maestros will spark spirited discussions and study about it's sound and swing.
It's in the sense become a bit of a state of mind, almost a culture.
With that said, I bring to you a long weekend event that beat fanatics, lovers of that hoodtronica™ and electronice will all enjoy.

Deets are as follows:
Feb 15th 2009 @ Toi Bar - 577a College st (upstairs)
Doors @ 10p
Facebook group is here

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Tell a friend, bring another...

And since it's been hot min since I've hit you cats... I've been busy retooling and moving this blog to a new address. Well.. trying to anyhow. Lemme take you out with one my fave cats who I will with no doubt be chatting up in the very near future. Dude inspires me errtime I hear him... PUDGE. Enjoy.

See you Feb 15th.


1 comment:

  1. peace to you fam. i live in LA
    wish i could check your event

    at any rate since you like flying lotus... i have a mix you might like called the black fist

    its on my blog under who is flying lotus. enjoy

    save the music



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