Saturday, February 28, 2009

More Baked Goods: Stevo Serves Muffins

1 cup of tight drums
1 pinch of sharp hi hats
Lots of well aged soul, chopped.
4-8 bars of bass
Add effects to taste.

Mix all ingredients into a MPC 2000XL or newer and work till the beat comes out nice and tight.

A seemingly easy recipe with few steps, but not many have been able to follow it & cook up a hot beat let alone master it.
One man did though and your boy Stevo is well on his way to do so equally.

In an ode to the latest and greatest, Stevo cooked up what I would call a Producer's Dozen: 19 bangers for all to take in, as he explores the sound that made him love Dilla and influenced his own work, served hot out the MP: Muffins.
That's really all I need to say. @ this point, you either want it, or you've moved on to the next blog.

So, on behalf of Stevo, here's a Prodcucer's Dozen of hot Muffins.

download Muffins here.

Make sure you show love to Stevo on his myspace and let him know My Man Henri @ 92bpm sent you. We got love for Stevo all day. Say wrd. BTW, shout outs to Fella Vaughn for some dope artwork, AGAIN!



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