Thursday, February 19, 2009

Melodious Machinery: Harmonic 313

After diligently working and releasing some set up EPs previously chatted about here , tucked away down under, Harmonic 313 has finally released the long awaited full length: When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence.

After reading the title and staring @ the cover long enough, you might conjure up some thoughts and images of the infamous HAL 9000, but none to worry: When machines... will not take over your home or iPod.
What it will do however is show you the range of influences that Mark Pritchard aka H313 has fused: hip hop, reggae, dub and electronic influences are all assembled in one conceptual record.
One thing I would always tell H313 in our chats, is that his production was crystal clearer that an glass of Evian water. I mean the mix is so banging, listening to this record in a dark room with a solid set of earphones is an adventure. No Joke.
I love the computerized and mechanical feel of his melodies and much of it was heard when he launched his 1st EP on a well designed site which doubled as an online game:

Harmonic 313 Word Problems

When Machines... def carries a bit of the future sound, the electronice that seems to be gaining more momentum with the passing days. If you respect this sound, this is a record you def want to get your hands on - Robotica @ it's finest. It's available right now @ your local shop, or online:

Bleep (Warp online)


Lemme leave you with a few cuts:

Falling Away ft Steve Spacek

and a yet to be offered Battlestar rmx ft Phat Kat & Elzhi.

Btw, if you're in London, Harmonic 313's release party is tonight, @ his fave club:

Wish I could be there, but alas I must remain here. Big Up MP.



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