Saturday, February 28, 2009

More Baked Goods: Stevo Serves Muffins

1 cup of tight drums
1 pinch of sharp hi hats
Lots of well aged soul, chopped.
4-8 bars of bass
Add effects to taste.

Mix all ingredients into a MPC 2000XL or newer and work till the beat comes out nice and tight.

A seemingly easy recipe with few steps, but not many have been able to follow it & cook up a hot beat let alone master it.
One man did though and your boy Stevo is well on his way to do so equally.

In an ode to the latest and greatest, Stevo cooked up what I would call a Producer's Dozen: 19 bangers for all to take in, as he explores the sound that made him love Dilla and influenced his own work, served hot out the MP: Muffins.
That's really all I need to say. @ this point, you either want it, or you've moved on to the next blog.

So, on behalf of Stevo, here's a Prodcucer's Dozen of hot Muffins.

download Muffins here.

Make sure you show love to Stevo on his myspace and let him know My Man Henri @ 92bpm sent you. We got love for Stevo all day. Say wrd. BTW, shout outs to Fella Vaughn for some dope artwork, AGAIN!



Wednesday, February 25, 2009

THR33 TIMES DOPE: D3CCPT's The Movement

Man, I'm not sure if I chatted bout it here or not, but I do miss France. Majorly.
So whenever I come across some good beat music out of FRA, I get pretty pumped. I seem to have this penchant and even a small bias in it's favor.
Hence, when I stumbled upon this group D3CCPT (D3 Concept) and a 12" entitled Psycho they were pushing out featuring the hardest working man in rap right now, I had to stop loop and listen.

How could I not?? it featured all things I loved: a hot beat, conceptually a Detroit sound and, the MC du jour @ the time, your man GS. Inevitably, you just knew they were on their way to a full album.
Kwame, Gea and Vestat aka D3CCPT, went on to complete what I would characterize tight LP: The Movement.

Featuring varied guests including the youngest in charge Black Milk, D3CCPT were able to convey the very heart and soul they feel: all things Detroit. From the rhyming, the electonice to that je ne sais quoi, theunmistakable brand that was heralded by none other. (D3CCPT btw is a play on words. In the French language, D3 is homonymous to Detroit. But D3 which is also 'These 3'. )

The LP gets artillery from such like minded as Sir OJ from Slumgullion, French man Fulgeance, EveryDayz and Pursuit Grooves (nice!). The body of the work however was deftly handled by Tayreeb who delivered absolutely delivered bangers.

There's no better feeling that a hot find and for all who enjoy that sound, D3CCPT have delivered one that will def keep your head bopping for some time to come.

And even better for all of us on the other side of the world, The Movement is available NOW on iTunes, and DRM free.

So in my last few beaming endorsements, want to leave you with a few joints.

The joint that started it all, but a fresh rmx. Psycho (EveryDayz rmx) feat. Guilty Simpson

... and Elevation feat Arken (prod. Barrio Masta)

Aiiight. Do the do.


Monday, February 23, 2009

For The D: Saturday Feb 28th

Pce to Eric Lau.... What a banger that was. In any case, this necessitates no explanation.

So nice, I had to do it twice.

For The D
Saturday Feb 28th
678 Queen Street West (in the heart of QB)
between Euclid and Palmerston on the north side.

Don't forget the tees for Ma Dukes are in Toronto. Cop one whilst you still can.

Free download.

As much as I never do this, take this joint in by my man, UK's own Eric Lau. Dude got bangers. Met him in the UK in summer of '07. Luh dat dude and he produced this title track.

For The D ft Guilty Simpson (produced by Eric Lau)

Or download it here

See you Saturday.


Friday, February 20, 2009

You Know What Love Is: 00Genesis

Fa sho.

Just checked my email and found a note from the most elusive man himself, 00Genesis. Hadn't heard from my man inna min, so it was a welcomed email (they always are).
In any case, he just sent a joint from a yet to have a street date project entitled Monday Blues EP.

As he works out a street date for this EP, he figured that he'd send out a little teaser. This one features his man Just Dave on the mix and DJ Ghosttrack on the cuts. Fresh little banger. Say wrd.

You know what love is... hold it down.

L O V E ft Just Dave & Ghostrack.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Melodious Machinery: Harmonic 313

After diligently working and releasing some set up EPs previously chatted about here , tucked away down under, Harmonic 313 has finally released the long awaited full length: When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence.

After reading the title and staring @ the cover long enough, you might conjure up some thoughts and images of the infamous HAL 9000, but none to worry: When machines... will not take over your home or iPod.
What it will do however is show you the range of influences that Mark Pritchard aka H313 has fused: hip hop, reggae, dub and electronic influences are all assembled in one conceptual record.
One thing I would always tell H313 in our chats, is that his production was crystal clearer that an glass of Evian water. I mean the mix is so banging, listening to this record in a dark room with a solid set of earphones is an adventure. No Joke.
I love the computerized and mechanical feel of his melodies and much of it was heard when he launched his 1st EP on a well designed site which doubled as an online game:

Harmonic 313 Word Problems

When Machines... def carries a bit of the future sound, the electronice that seems to be gaining more momentum with the passing days. If you respect this sound, this is a record you def want to get your hands on - Robotica @ it's finest. It's available right now @ your local shop, or online:

Bleep (Warp online)


Lemme leave you with a few cuts:

Falling Away ft Steve Spacek

and a yet to be offered Battlestar rmx ft Phat Kat & Elzhi.

Btw, if you're in London, Harmonic 313's release party is tonight, @ his fave club:

Wish I could be there, but alas I must remain here. Big Up MP.



Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Late Night Suff: Video

92bpm got love for SuffDaddy. He's recently shot a vid for Late Night Suff, just another smooth banger coming from a brilliant EP EFIL4FFUS which I endorsed vehemently when it 1st dropped. I still do.

I'm looking fwd to more bangers from your man, and he's got em. But pls grab his EP when you have the chance. You'll thank me for it.... And him too of course. ;)


Monday, February 16, 2009

Melting Pot Music x Guilty Simpson x Stones Throw

Could GS be one of the hardest working cats?? Might be. Adding up all the tracks that he's guest on might total a full album - and those are the ones that I know of. There are a few that are circulating around these parts of the country in fact that will soon see light of day... In any case, what are the chances that, on a provincial holiday in Toronto, I get a notice of 2 (yes 2) tracks, both featuring Guilty Simpson? You're gangster when you have 2 emails of releases from separate labels on the same day. Nuts.

1st up, from the EU side of things, we have a release as a follow up to a rmx by Block Barley.
In maintaining their MPM Beat 45 series, Hamburg producer Block Barley holla's @ Guilty Simpson for a remix of "Michigan Nights". Darker moods prevail and who better for back alley raps than GS?? The original mix came out as a limited 200 copies press on Barley's We Ain't Music imprint - so if you do come across it, snatch that up.
Look for this 12" to drop along with 2 other cuts around late Feb 2009. For more info, make syure to hit up the good ppl @ Melting Pot Music

Next up, a little treat from out friends @ Stones Throw:

Again, we're offered a rmx from a previously released riddim. This time, we're treated to a Oh-No produced, Whitefield Bros track American Nightmare rmx (can you cats see the pattern??). 1nce again, we hear GS @ his gun talk best as he rides this in his slow flow.
This freebie was released as a podcast. Do your self a solid and subscribe to the Stones Throw podcast.

With that said, music pls!

Block Barley featuring Guilty Simpson: Michigan rmx.

Whitefield Brothers featuring Guilty Simpson: Nightmare rmx (prod. by Oh-No)



Sunday, February 15, 2009

Usually Rock around 92 bpm...

So here we are. 92bpm is here. 92bpm you ask?? Well, to quote a luminary:

"I usually rock around 92bpm..." - Jay Dee

It will be my new brand, the one that I will carry with me in my travels. v1.0 is up and running like Usain Bolt. More updates to the functionality as we go along, and additional content, more so than before. Picking up where I left off.... So, if you came from nstrmntl2urdvlpmnt, welcome. If not , welcome. ;)

If you want to send some joints over, peep the dropbox @ the top of the page. You can also catch me on twitter. I also have the Facebook group for those out there.

Anyhow, let's have fun. Can't wait to get up with cats.

So to blast it all off, come out tonight (or see below).

Pce to Lord Jay. ;)


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

MPC Changed My Life: Feb 15th, Toi Bar.

Couldn't have said it any better. Cats know what's up. This one piece of hardware has evolved to define (and possibly re:define) beats and the music spawned from it. The mere mention of the MP and it's maestros will spark spirited discussions and study about it's sound and swing.
It's in the sense become a bit of a state of mind, almost a culture.
With that said, I bring to you a long weekend event that beat fanatics, lovers of that hoodtronica™ and electronice will all enjoy.

Deets are as follows:
Feb 15th 2009 @ Toi Bar - 577a College st (upstairs)
Doors @ 10p
Facebook group is here

View Larger Map

Tell a friend, bring another...

And since it's been hot min since I've hit you cats... I've been busy retooling and moving this blog to a new address. Well.. trying to anyhow. Lemme take you out with one my fave cats who I will with no doubt be chatting up in the very near future. Dude inspires me errtime I hear him... PUDGE. Enjoy.

See you Feb 15th.

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