Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Slumgullionaires: Dutch Trio Does Disko.

In my come up thru this beat music jungle, Slumgullion is one of the outfits that 1st stuck to mind. Having been baptized by the iconic and legendary Beat Dimension compilation (the Low End Theory or Midnight Marauders of Beat Music) courtesy of Cinnaman and Lord Jay Scarlett, I still recall playing the Slumgullion track over and over again... it was as fresh as it was almost amusing the way they had flipped a classic arcade sound.
FFWD a few years and the triumvirate of SirOJ, Dok and Kid Nap has struck again with an oeuvre.

Within weeks of the New Year, they have released an EP entitled Disko. Familiar with Slumgullion?? You then can't wait to hear this new one. Unfamiliar?? Hmmm... You might then want to grab one of these 1st. What you'll get are eightsome scintillating joints with a few slow flow bangers that might have your neck pleading for mercy (or punch your girl in the stomach like House Shoes likes to say. LOL)
Within the confines of an 8 track EP, Disko is able to take you thru a range of sounds whilst still keeping with that head nodding feel.
As we like to say round my parts, do yourself a solid and grab Disko whilst you can. With the rousing endorsement and hosting by EU tastemaker extraordinaire Nalden.net aka Naldisney, it's been offered as a free download. Dayum. Make sure you show them love. I even heard that John Travolta grabbed the EP.

So as you start your download so graciously offered for free by Slumgullion and Naldisney, here are a few bangers whilst you clog your Cat-5 cables with goodness.

Castlevania (taken from the famed Beat Dimension compilation (<--- requisite ownership!)

... And from the new EP - What's Up Dok (yes Nalden, I love this one too)



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