Thursday, January 15, 2009

Six Million Euro Man: HBO gets BIONIK

Growing up, I loved the fact that I used listen to French Rap. The writing was tight and beats were oft just as banging. That pretty much insured that I divided my time between listening to french and english beats and always kept my eyes and ears open to all corners of the globe musically.
Hence, it was only natural that FRA became a hot bed of beat music as well. So, as per usual in my eTravels across the net, I came across this cat HBO aka Harrison Blakoldman. We had touched base in the past as he put me onto this banger he had called Heavy. Loved it. But he then hit me with what has become one of my faves: BIONIK.

Coming from the French Antilles, HBO has drawn inspiration from his fam's background in music as well as his love and upbringing through hip hop. Spurred by his years spent listening to everything from funk to jazz to electo-nice (nice electronic music), and his small army of soul-diers (MPC, Korg R3, SP1200 and some various software) HBO was essentially able to deliver an album that has captivated kings like Benji B and would with no doubt please the learned beat music lover.
My man HBO has not only released one my faves so far, but has also made it avail as a free download on his myspace. Something that even Steve Austin found jaw-dropping. WOW.
Pls do yourself a solid and check my man HBO out and show him some love.

And speaking of love, one of my fave bangers on BIONIK, Graduation. Enjoy.



  1. holy shit! blowing my mind.

  2. Pistolera! glad you took it in!


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