Saturday, January 10, 2009

Radioactive: Exile Regales with Radio Record

For those who have bothered asking me know that I have two reasons for loving LA: sun and sound. There's actually a third, but I'll keep that one off print ;)
In the world of beat music, instrumental experimentation, hoodtronica™, LA has emerged as what I describe as the Silicone Valley of beats. Not quite 1 Infinite Loop, more like 1 Chopped Loop. Among the chief architects in this movement is Exile.

HudMo, Exile, P.U.D.G.E., ur boy, Ty G of HVW8

Né Aleksander Manfrediis , Exile is of a very musical lineage. From grandfather to father and then to him, the love for music was passed down @ an early age.
The SoCal son soon found himself assembling with friends in his teens in his start of his dedicated path to music. From Early collaborations w/ Aloe Blacc to a highly acclaimed record w/ Blu, his ascension has been astounding with recognition coming from both coasts.

in 2009, Exile now turns up the dial. On Jan 20th, he drops a brilliant record entitled simply, Radio. Exile traveled up and down the radio dial, much like the 405 FWY, sampling elements of quotidian sounds layering, chopping and reconstructing on a hip hop foundation. This instrumental record was meant to show a part of his life's influences: in this case, the radio.
Be assured that on this record, you'll find that same swing that got him all his justified acclaim. Exile's magnificent mastery of the MPC will make you marvel, and will certainly keep the listening effortless let alone uninterrupted.

Look for this record to drop Jan 20th on Plug Research, with a 12" (featuring some rmxs - yes, they still exists thank gawd) avail now on iTunes among other retailers.

You know it's Coming Down.

Also, the stop motion animation video for Were All In Power just went up only days ago.

Exile "Were All In Power" Vid

And what would an Exile write be w/o a freestyle from the mp magician? Shouts to JK and enjoy...


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