Monday, January 12, 2009

MAGr Deals With The Case

Checking my inbox a few days past, I get an email from my man Dom P with some news. Couple joints from the dynamic duo of Distant Starr & Al Might aka MAGr (pronounced ˈmājər - major) - which stand for MCs Always Get Respect

2 MCs who were @ one point soloist both grinding away within the halls Illadelph bboy school, decide to join forces in attempts to compliment each other as well as creating a sum greater than it's parts.
What has resulted is chemistry that can only be described as exothermic both on stage and on record.

Sitting on a cache of bangers that would make the Taliban green w/ envy, MAGr has set their sites on a 2009 release of the long awaited No News Is Good News.
Still with no firm street date, look for this MAGr release @ the store near you if not some more singles to come (like one with Blu that I'm eager to hear).
In the mean time, here's a 2fer.

Buttafly (prod. by Hudson Mohawke)

Dealings (prod. by Tha S ence)

Make sure to peep MAGr's MAGr for more deets, and your man Distant Starr who skreams every morning... Say wrd.


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  1. Yo Henri....Thanx alot man for the splash...Good looks brudah


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