Friday, January 16, 2009

In Control: Akai Gets Live!

I don't really cover hardware or software for that matter. But I felt compelled to chat this one up.
Akai, seemingly in association with Ableton, have introduced a dedicated surface controller for Live!:

The APC40.

Maintaining momentum from their highly successful MPC series, Akai has released something that might trump some of the Abe controllers out there now. Been trying to get my Ableton game up from 0 to maybe a 1 as I know it's a hella powerful program. And since so many beat music producers use it to produce let alone play out, I felt that it deserved a little mention.
Ableton released a short vid highlighting it's features for all to peruse.
Since NAMM is taking place right now, it's likely getting put to the test as we speak.
If you're an Ableton Live! user, keep your eyes peeled as this should be hitting retail sometime soon. Visit the pros @ Akai for more deets.

Shouts to Devon for the heads up. He's an Ableton user. BANGERS!


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