Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bugged Out: Bassfudge Powercones

The ppl @ Eat Concrete have a fresh Feb release to announce.
Herrmutt Lobby, a mysterious artists collective from Boogie Down Brussels, comprised of "nerds extraordinaire". They are Kadah Vresky, Back & Forth, scratch composer Dj Swiffer and a random set of friends du jour - whom ever might walk thru their front door. Having all completed recording and works of their own, they came together under one roof to create this soon to be released Bassfudge Powercones under the Eat Concrete flag.

This five track EP is described as the most danceable to date, but will still carry that fresh, bass heavy and fat electro-nice fusion to glitchy sound we all know well and much of that future forward hip hop that still sadly gets underrated on my side of town. (sad face. LOL).

2009 Eat Concrete tour by VERVUE

Look for Bassfudge Powercones to drop Feb 12th 2009 and also supported by some EU dates (trailer above). Be sure to check Eat Concrete's homebase for all deets and info. But in the meat time, let's just Rock The Bell with Herrmutt L. This is a clip of that future forward... Say wrd.


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