Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Day Marked With Remembrance: Obama's Inaugural Speech

I have to pause for the cause.

Just one day after listening to a rousing speech Steve Jobs gave @ a 2005 Stanford commencement, I and the world stood still in silence for another. For those who would love to keep this archived, I've recorded the audio of the speech (which unfortunately includes the jejune opening prayer) for all to enjoy in your iTunes (et al). Pass it around freely. ;)

Barack Obama Inaugural Speech. (click for download).
Artwork by world renown HVW8

As I sat @ the Gallery last year... Mural by HVW8 of course.



Friday, January 16, 2009

In Control: Akai Gets Live!

I don't really cover hardware or software for that matter. But I felt compelled to chat this one up.
Akai, seemingly in association with Ableton, have introduced a dedicated surface controller for Live!:

The APC40.

Maintaining momentum from their highly successful MPC series, Akai has released something that might trump some of the Abe controllers out there now. Been trying to get my Ableton game up from 0 to maybe a 1 as I know it's a hella powerful program. And since so many beat music producers use it to produce let alone play out, I felt that it deserved a little mention.
Ableton released a short vid highlighting it's features for all to peruse.
Since NAMM is taking place right now, it's likely getting put to the test as we speak.
If you're an Ableton Live! user, keep your eyes peeled as this should be hitting retail sometime soon. Visit the pros @ Akai for more deets.

Shouts to Devon for the heads up. He's an Ableton user. BANGERS!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Six Million Euro Man: HBO gets BIONIK

Growing up, I loved the fact that I used listen to French Rap. The writing was tight and beats were oft just as banging. That pretty much insured that I divided my time between listening to french and english beats and always kept my eyes and ears open to all corners of the globe musically.
Hence, it was only natural that FRA became a hot bed of beat music as well. So, as per usual in my eTravels across the net, I came across this cat HBO aka Harrison Blakoldman. We had touched base in the past as he put me onto this banger he had called Heavy. Loved it. But he then hit me with what has become one of my faves: BIONIK.

Coming from the French Antilles, HBO has drawn inspiration from his fam's background in music as well as his love and upbringing through hip hop. Spurred by his years spent listening to everything from funk to jazz to electo-nice (nice electronic music), and his small army of soul-diers (MPC, Korg R3, SP1200 and some various software) HBO was essentially able to deliver an album that has captivated kings like Benji B and would with no doubt please the learned beat music lover.
My man HBO has not only released one my faves so far, but has also made it avail as a free download on his myspace. Something that even Steve Austin found jaw-dropping. WOW.
Pls do yourself a solid and check my man HBO out and show him some love.

And speaking of love, one of my fave bangers on BIONIK, Graduation. Enjoy.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Slumgullionaires: Dutch Trio Does Disko.

In my come up thru this beat music jungle, Slumgullion is one of the outfits that 1st stuck to mind. Having been baptized by the iconic and legendary Beat Dimension compilation (the Low End Theory or Midnight Marauders of Beat Music) courtesy of Cinnaman and Lord Jay Scarlett, I still recall playing the Slumgullion track over and over again... it was as fresh as it was almost amusing the way they had flipped a classic arcade sound.
FFWD a few years and the triumvirate of SirOJ, Dok and Kid Nap has struck again with an oeuvre.

Within weeks of the New Year, they have released an EP entitled Disko. Familiar with Slumgullion?? You then can't wait to hear this new one. Unfamiliar?? Hmmm... You might then want to grab one of these 1st. What you'll get are eightsome scintillating joints with a few slow flow bangers that might have your neck pleading for mercy (or punch your girl in the stomach like House Shoes likes to say. LOL)
Within the confines of an 8 track EP, Disko is able to take you thru a range of sounds whilst still keeping with that head nodding feel.
As we like to say round my parts, do yourself a solid and grab Disko whilst you can. With the rousing endorsement and hosting by EU tastemaker extraordinaire Nalden.net aka Naldisney, it's been offered as a free download. Dayum. Make sure you show them love. I even heard that John Travolta grabbed the EP.

So as you start your download so graciously offered for free by Slumgullion and Naldisney, here are a few bangers whilst you clog your Cat-5 cables with goodness.

Castlevania (taken from the famed Beat Dimension compilation (<--- requisite ownership!)

... And from the new EP - What's Up Dok (yes Nalden, I love this one too)



Monday, January 12, 2009

MAGr Deals With The Case

Checking my inbox a few days past, I get an email from my man Dom P with some news. Couple joints from the dynamic duo of Distant Starr & Al Might aka MAGr (pronounced ˈmājər - major) - which stand for MCs Always Get Respect

2 MCs who were @ one point soloist both grinding away within the halls Illadelph bboy school, decide to join forces in attempts to compliment each other as well as creating a sum greater than it's parts.
What has resulted is chemistry that can only be described as exothermic both on stage and on record.

Sitting on a cache of bangers that would make the Taliban green w/ envy, MAGr has set their sites on a 2009 release of the long awaited No News Is Good News.
Still with no firm street date, look for this MAGr release @ the store near you if not some more singles to come (like one with Blu that I'm eager to hear).
In the mean time, here's a 2fer.

Buttafly (prod. by Hudson Mohawke)

Dealings (prod. by Tha S ence)

Make sure to peep MAGr's MAGr for more deets, and your man Distant Starr who skreams every morning... Say wrd.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tweet Tweet: Exclusive Guilty Simpson from Stones Throw

Mere moments ago, I just got a tweet from Stones Throw. They just dropped a Guilty rmx, produced my none other than Michael Jackson aka your boy Oh No. They put it out on Twitter. Nuts.

Tweet Tweet! Guilty Simpson: Piglets (rmx). Enjoy.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Radioactive: Exile Regales with Radio Record

For those who have bothered asking me know that I have two reasons for loving LA: sun and sound. There's actually a third, but I'll keep that one off print ;)
In the world of beat music, instrumental experimentation, hoodtronica™, LA has emerged as what I describe as the Silicone Valley of beats. Not quite 1 Infinite Loop, more like 1 Chopped Loop. Among the chief architects in this movement is Exile.

HudMo, Exile, P.U.D.G.E., ur boy, Ty G of HVW8

Né Aleksander Manfrediis , Exile is of a very musical lineage. From grandfather to father and then to him, the love for music was passed down @ an early age.
The SoCal son soon found himself assembling with friends in his teens in his start of his dedicated path to music. From Early collaborations w/ Aloe Blacc to a highly acclaimed record w/ Blu, his ascension has been astounding with recognition coming from both coasts.

in 2009, Exile now turns up the dial. On Jan 20th, he drops a brilliant record entitled simply, Radio. Exile traveled up and down the radio dial, much like the 405 FWY, sampling elements of quotidian sounds layering, chopping and reconstructing on a hip hop foundation. This instrumental record was meant to show a part of his life's influences: in this case, the radio.
Be assured that on this record, you'll find that same swing that got him all his justified acclaim. Exile's magnificent mastery of the MPC will make you marvel, and will certainly keep the listening effortless let alone uninterrupted.

Look for this record to drop Jan 20th on Plug Research, with a 12" (featuring some rmxs - yes, they still exists thank gawd) avail now on iTunes among other retailers.

You know it's Coming Down.

Also, the stop motion animation video for Were All In Power just went up only days ago.

Exile "Were All In Power" Vid

And what would an Exile write be w/o a freestyle from the mp magician? Shouts to JK and enjoy...


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bugged Out: Bassfudge Powercones

The ppl @ Eat Concrete have a fresh Feb release to announce.
Herrmutt Lobby, a mysterious artists collective from Boogie Down Brussels, comprised of "nerds extraordinaire". They are Kadah Vresky, Back & Forth, scratch composer Dj Swiffer and a random set of friends du jour - whom ever might walk thru their front door. Having all completed recording and works of their own, they came together under one roof to create this soon to be released Bassfudge Powercones under the Eat Concrete flag.

This five track EP is described as the most danceable to date, but will still carry that fresh, bass heavy and fat electro-nice fusion to glitchy sound we all know well and much of that future forward hip hop that still sadly gets underrated on my side of town. (sad face. LOL).

2009 Eat Concrete tour by VERVUE

Look for Bassfudge Powercones to drop Feb 12th 2009 and also supported by some EU dates (trailer above). Be sure to check Eat Concrete's homebase for all deets and info. But in the meat time, let's just Rock The Bell with Herrmutt L. This is a clip of that future forward... Say wrd.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Madlib for Dilla: A Tribute to...

Approaching quickly and merely 1 month away, Stones Throw announces the release of another Madlib opus for February (Dilla Month): Beat Konducta Vol. 5-6 CD, A tribute to....

This 42 track oeuvre will be the amalgam of the Beat Conducta v5 & v6. So for those who have slept on these 2wice, this is your 3rd opportunity for atonement and to grab these joints. As usual, this release will be most meaningful being that it is specifically being released as a Dilla Tribute disc and that it will be sold on Feb 10th: the very day of James Dewitt Yancey's quietus. Most significant indeed.
I'll certainly be making my pre-order. You can too. Holla @ Stones Throw for all deets regarding this and worldwide Dilla Tribute events.

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