Tuesday, December 29, 2009

End The Decade And Start A New One - All In 24hrs.

Can't believe 10 yrs have just past. Man, feels like I slept through my alarm. All good. So it's that time to toast again.

Come pop come corks with fam on Thursday Dec 31st. Serious, Circle Research, Grouch, Do Right & NFA fam. No dress code, all good times. A great way to pull the shades on that last decade.

When you wake up the next day, and a new sun is blazing through the curtains, realize that it's Friday Jan 01 2010, and need to post up and listen to 2020 riddims...

A simple night of future riddims. Circle Research, Ultragamma + Taktiks. And the whole night is FREE. No doubt.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Dam-Funk Is A Nice Guy. (DWNLD)

Is there a nice guy?? For real. Dude radiates positive energy man. I've rawked a few shows w/ him and it's been nothing but love, always. HVW8 Fam all day. Looking fwd to rawking again soon.

And if you're not following DF, tisk x 3.

So you know the drill...



Friday, December 25, 2009

From Friends & Fam, to Friends & Fam: Merry Xmas (DWNLD)

As much as I wish all who frequent this corner of cyberspace all the best, Brainfeeder has delivered a bigger gift.
As it says. Now, you know the drill:



Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gonja Man: Gonja Sufi's Ancestry, Warp's Heirs. (DWNLD)

Shortly after WARP20 LONDON, I put out the call for anyone who had the Warp Sampler than was given to all ticket hoders (ARGH - none of this took place @ WARP20 NY!).
Featured on this CD were come 2010 goodies. Among them was San Diego's Gonjasufi.

You may recall dudes haunting and indelible baritone voice from Flying Lotus' Los Angeles, and before that, a Gaslamp Killer joint called Kobwebs off the From LA w/ Love compilation.
He recently dropped a wax exclusive this past summer, and I found myself desperately looking for the digital file (to buy). Well, prayers have been answered.

And best part, you can take the track along with you...

Thank you Warp. (just look along the right hand side). Warp scored a hot here. Totally looking fwd to future projects.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

SVEDKA Vodka Soda, With A Twist Of Future Beats: Benji B x SVEDKA x Giant Step Podcast v3 (DWNLD)

The latest edition of the podcast has been released which is featuring the likes of Eglo Records' Fatima, French now London resident Débruit, and Krytal Klear (who was recently singled out as one to watch by our boy HudMo) among others.

The track listing goes as follows:

1. Funkineven Feat. Fatima – “Kleer” (Eglo)
2. Débruit – “149 Flying Dalston” (White Label)
3. Salvador Santana – “truth Fears No Questions” (Various Music/Quannum)
4. Krystal Klear – “Tried For Your Love” (White Label)
5. Zomby – “Tarantula” (Hyperdub)
6. Roska – “The Sheppard” (Roska Kicks and Snares)
7. Enzyme Black – “Oh My Daze” (White Label)

You know to expect that 2033 sound from Benji everytime.

Enjoy (responsibly).


92bpm Presents: 2010 Space Odyssey (DWNLD)

To blast off the new year, another event for cats to vibe out to, featuring some of my fave friends:

Taktiks (88.1 Mixtape Massacre)
mymanhenri (92bpm)
Circle Research (MPM)

To top it off, it's a FREE EVENT. Facebook event page is here.

Deets to come in the days following but my all means, pls direct your attention to the new Circle Research podcast: #38.

See you Friday Jan 01.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nosaj Thing Drifts Back Into Toronto: Live @ The Drake Hotel, Dec 29th 2009 (DWNLD)

The year's been a good one for LA's Nosaj Thing, née Jason Chung. Several tour dates, from the North Am borders to a recent string of dates in EU, his album Drift has been heralded as one of the top records this year by more than a few outlets, notably Bleep (and one that I loved as well), and he got tons of play and attention from his a/v experiment that just recently premiered in LA and one that had the in-ter-net-going-nuts for a hot min ;).
Well, after doing a small Aug date, Nosaj drifts right back into Toronto for a date @ the Drake during their yearly holiday What's In The Box campaign.

$5. And to boot, 92bpm will be in the building. Best is that I should be breaking out some new s/w. This might be a lot of more fun then even I realize. Love the sound down there. Totally looking fwd to this night and a perfect soirée to toast the holidays as well.

For those on Facebook, the event page is here

And to get you going for this night, make sure to grab this mix Nosaj Thing made for XLR8R.

LA Mix

Aiiight. See you on Dec 29th.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hudson Mohawke x Mike Slott: Heralds Descend On Montreal For RBMA: Dec 18th 2009


So much under one roof, I was uncertain how to tag it. One thing is irrefutable: this will be a night full of fireworks.
Short story shorter: after an incredible campaign this past summer, Canada had the 2nd most applicants. Amazing.
Better news was that we are sending 4 applicants to the big dance in London for 2010 (which may be tied for 1st). Amazing.
So to celebrate, there was plan of a send off.
To make it that much more grand, add two of The Red Bull Music Academy's more prolific graduate: Hudson Mohawke + Mike Slott. There you have it: a proper RBMA bshmnt.

This is so heavy:
We will see HudMo in full mode, rawking joints off his new Butter record
We will also see Mike Slott bang out sweet riddims from his new Lucky 9teen record.
A quasi Heards Of Change reunion.
A Lucky Me treat (Hudmo, Slott and yes Lunice)
A full RMBA extravaganza.

If you're in Montréal, come out for some history. If you're not, come out for some history.

RBMA Send Off featuring:
Hudson Mohawke (Lucky Me, Warp, Heralds Of Change)
Mike Slott (Lucky Me, Heralds Of Change)
Poirier (Ninja Tune)
Lunice (Lucky Me)
Ango (MTL)
Amenta (Toronto)

For those on FaceBook, the event page is here.

Tckts are avail @ the following locations:
MOOG Audio: 3828 St-Laurent
OFF THE HOOK: 1021a Ste-Catherine
oLDgOLD: 256 Mont-Royal
Wantickets (Online)

Hope to see you cats there. Should be a nice end of year treat for all before the holidays.

say wrd.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Allez Les Bleus! Aside's Astronote Rmx MXTP (DWNLD)

92 has not been known to put out or promote mixtapes, but we will make an exception before we shut it down tonight.
I 1st heard about Astronote from Phat Kat a few years back, who had been going to EU quite a bit @ the time. He personally mentioned to me how impressed he was with this Frenchman's music and sound. Seen.
Though I had not heard from him in a hot min, he bubbled back to the surface after the leak of rmx for team mate, and crooner du jour Mayer Hawthorne (Just ain't gonna work out) that got some buzz.
So moments ago, I just saw a tweet releasing a mixtape featuring a series of rmxs by the French Aside ally himself.

This mixtape will feature Astronote's work including this infamous Mayer H rmx. Also included is this Dabrye rmx for Air feat Doom that I'm kinda digging right now.

Air by Dabrye ft MF Doom (Astronote rmx)

Again, not big on mixtapes but , Allez Les Bleus! Not been back to FRA in such a long time. Shouts to 14kt, MH, Buff1der (good bucking in LA) and the rest of Aside.

You know the drill.



Monday, December 14, 2009

Reaching New Lows: Low End Theory Podcasts vX (DWNLD)

Ahhh... La ultima podcast del año. The last one of 2009 from Low End Theory.
The reins have been given to dignitary DJ Nobody as well as invited guests, Free The Robots.

Just cut to the chase, and grab it with the quickest of haste.



North South East West: Where Giants Meet.

Back in September 09, I made my way out to NY for WARP20 NYC and a priceless weekend. Met some old friends, and made some new ones. But more importantly, in a conversation I was having w/ some cats from Warp and Bleep.com, I was privy to a conceptual plan to put an art/music project together that was going to unite members of this music community, and a photographer. Nice.
Fast fwd a few months and quod erat demonstrandum:
North East South West: A musical and photographical document.

Dec 1st, this project was a shipped reality. And best was the pkg was delivered in the mail a few days back.

The project essentially united 12 prominent producers from 4 different parts of the world and adding the photography prowess of Shaun Bloodworth and the graphic design genius of Stuart Hammersley. Music was delivered by 4 clans: North: Hudson Mohawke / Rustie / Taz Buckfaster representing Glasgow, UK. South: Skream / Headhunter / Geeneus representing London/Bristol, UK. East: Mike Slott / FaltyDL / Kotchy representing N.Y.C., USA and West: Flying Lotus / Matthew David / Daedelus representing L.A., USA.

I long ago felt that the musical experience was to take a new a/v turn, and this was it's manifestation. Visuals have long been a compliment to the audio, whether stills or motion as more and more events are using these components in concert.
Warp knows that. So to launch this undertaking, they released this project in 2 editions:

Edition 1: limited to a run of 100. Includes 14 high-quality photo prints and the twelve track CD plus an A2 poster featuring unseen shots from the project. All enclosed in a custom made package, designed by Give Up Art.
Edition 2: limited to a run of 500, and includes 14 high-quality photo prints and the twelve track CD, all enclosed in a custom made package.

No GPS needed when looking on this one, as all arrows will point to Bleep who are exclusive retailers for this one.
Warp, doing it for the collectors, indeed. And the music? Always tight, feature several exclusives...

Def a comp to get your hands on. A digital only edition is due to drop this week. Massive shouts to Raj and the mandem @ Warp for this one. The bestest surprise ever.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Brightest Side: 00Genesis Returns With Newness (DWNLD)

It had been a min since I had heard a peep from 00Genesis. Dude came out with what i thought was incredible tracks, with his very own footprint. And to boot, dude would keep his identity under a shroud of secrecy. Nuts. But there was no mistaking this Silver Spring resident's music.
In a convo, i had asked him why he had not applied to the Red Bull Music Academy a few years. He simply added, he was yet of age to do so.
Wow. I was getting the same feeling I got in the course of a RBMA interview w/ Black Milk in the Toronto office, and he mentioned having done some banging work @ 17yrs of age. Nuts.
Regardless, 00Genesis' early work def warranted some attention. Witness:

No Shoes On Trampoline by 00Genesis

I f*cking love that joint.
Fast fwd 1yr+ and we have new announcements. Not only is there new music from 00Genesis, he's also been admitted to the hallowed hallways of the Red Bull Music Academy from London 2010. The Maryland maestro will take his razor sharp snares, golden glitch and melodic wah wah for the world to hear.
I caught up w/ 00Genesis in October, moments after the announcement.

1. So tell me about your 1st reaction when you saw the email?!?!
When I saw the email I quietly smiled, then deleted the message... you know, Red Bull really isn't my thing. NOT! (ala Borat).
But really, at the time, I was in my graphic design class, and I had to walk out of the room so I could explode.. i was buggin out. Later, I called some fam and friends to spread the news!

2. How did you 1st find about the Academy ??
I first found out through [Flying] Lotus. I hit him up in '06, I think on myspace, and asked him what it was about, and the rest is history.

2b. is this your 1st time applying??
Nope, this is the second time for me. My style has really matured nicely since last year...

3. This is a long shot, but what do you think might have helped you make it into the academy?? music?? some of your answers ??
Hopefully my music ...

4. Have you ever been to London??

4b. What are you most excited about being in London?
Red Bull should be pretty dope.

5. What are you most looking fwd to during the Academy??
Getting work done, making "moves", lol. Hopefully a "full" London experience is impossible in just two weeks.

6. Now that you're on your way to the academy, are you going to work on any special personal projects ? Feeling inspired??
I'm already working on a lot at the moment, but when I get to London, and if I connect with anyone, I'll probably start something new... why not?

7. what song 1st came to your head when you got in/was accepted?
A beat that I had just made during the prior weekend... I'll give you a lil sneak peak exclusive for this interview...

8. Is their someone you look fwd to meeting @ the RBMA that might have been there in the past??
I don't even know any of the names that got accepted, but we'll see ... maybe this is a good thing.

9. if you had a choice of someone to listen to lecture, who would it be??
Probably, Jneiro Jarel.

10. what skills are you looking to acquire or improve when you're @ the RBMA??
Engineering; that's what I've really been into as of late. The way sound hits the brain is really intriguing to me. It's all sound, and the way it's implemented makes a world of difference. Also I want to work with more vocalists. I can make music for myself all day, but I need to get "better" at making tracks for other people too.

11. what are some of your fave songs out right now?? Top 3??
Dayyyum a top 3? hmmm? Okay, some tracks that really put a smile on my face.

1. Clipse- I'm Good
2. Teebs, "Untitled 4"
3. 00Genesis - Oh Lucky Me


12. Are you gonna bring a good luck charm??
A pot of my mom's cooking... Yeah I'll probably bring something, but I can't reveal that yet-- it'll spoil the luck.

Well, one thing that's certain not to be luck is the catalog he's assembled over time. I have a massive folder of joints that I play on the reg in my iTunes library, and just added some more.
He's now released a free EP that can be downloaded @ his website.

Here's a goodie...

My Sunshine by 00Genesis from Re:Runs of Re:Runs EP

All the best to 00Genesis in London.

Now, GO!


Tonight! Amenta Live @ The Drake Underground, Thursday Dec 10 2009.

Canadian born Amenta had been working on her art for a min. From songwriting to arrangement to the occasional brush on canvas, she had been slowly crafting her works. Alas, feeling a need for change from the oft frustrating and too inhibiting inventive environment in Toronto, she simply picked up and went. With a song, a dream and an open ended tckt, she got on a flight to GER, where she made massive inroads in the music she loves. Amenta has now returned from EU to a heroine's welcome and will headline a party/performance to showcase her new works (notably collaborations w/ Flako) as well as a celebration for her acceptance to the exclusive Red Bull Music Academy. Congrats!

Tonight she performs her material @ The Drake Underground. Doors @ 9. Show @ 10p.
92bpm will curate the sound waves.
Facebook event here

Come thru.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Long Live And Prosper: iLLum Sphere Set To Drop New EP

Though London has been known to harbor some of the nicest cats, from native to transplants, tucked away in the city of Manchester lies some of the nicest talent. Having been the birth place of such bands as Joy Division, The Smiths and The Stones Roses, Manchester today is a centre of the arts and other media, factors all contributing to Manchester polling as the second city of the United Kingdom.
There lives a twenty something chap, Illum Sphere.
A DJ who has been polishing his production craft among other skills, and growing the scene he's so dearly associated with. As such, he was recently announced as one of the select sixty, a Red Bull Music Academy participants for London 2010.

But in the mean time, as momentous the announcement and selection may be, illum Sphere is still grinding away. Between running a successful Hoya Hoya night that has seen kings from the scene pass through, he's still been banging away @ the MP.
He released Medusa ealier this year as part of Fat City's producer #2 series and now we await the soon to drop, and long awaited EP: Long Live The Plan.

This 7 track Plan will show his recent works and inspirations, the type of sound that has garnered some recent attention and some remix work, notably a Martyn rmx for Brilliant Orange (one of my fave tracks too, in fact) do to surface in Jan 2010.

Regardless, stay tuned and keep checking w/ FatCity as this should be in stores in the days/weeks following.

Until then, here's a track from the EP.

Never Lie Twice by illum Sphere off Long Live The Plan EP.

Say wrd.


Monday, December 7, 2009

New Viral Radio show, Out Now (DWNLD)

Hace mucho tiempo.

New Viral Radio show out now. Tracklisting looks as follows:

Untold - Gonna work out fine
Fantastic Mr Fox & Rich Reason - Bleep Show
Gemmy - Dolla Digital
Untold - Stop What You're Doing (James Blake Remix)
Lone - Waves Imagination
Flying Lotus - I feel like dying
Ghosts On Tape - Straight From Cassette
Mike Slott - Sun Tan
Gonjasufi - Candycanelane
Dam Funk - Brookside Park
Dizz1 - Here we go again
Pharoah Monch - Simon Says (Slugabed Remix)
Starkey - One luv instr
Rebound x - Rhythm 'N' Gash
Eskiboy - Sorry Sorry Pardon What
Stagga - Tha Crisis Gurge Supply
Loops Haunt - Proton Pack
Mike Slott - Snow Birds Expansion
Bobby Caldwell - Carry On
Ghosts On Tape - Predator Mode
DVA - Jelly Roll
Mentor Roska - Feeline Vip



Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shafiq Husayn mix for Benji B's Deviation Show (DWNLD)

Been sitting on this one for a min as well. But a hot mix indeed.
The only time seeing Sa-Ra live was in NY for their release party a few years back, where Shafiq Husayn spun, then a show @ Harborfront in Toronto where he could not make it. But dude was cool enough to show up @ Gaslamp's bday jam session in the mountains a few weeks back (haha, yes), and bang away on some keys. If you've watched the EPKs, you know that Shafiq Husayn is an OG. So much history. Nuts.

Benji B had Shafiq guest mix for his Deviation show this past week. Tight.
I've been meaning to chat some more about the great En' A-Free-Ka LP that Mr Husayn released earlier this year on Plug Reserach. And I will this month. But regardless, enjoy this mix courtesy of Deviation.

Go! (right click)


DOOMSDAY!! Doom x Mos Def @ KOOLHAUS, JAN 27th 2010. Toronto.

You know it. More official than a ref with a whistle.

Tickets go on sale Sat Dec 5th @ Ticketmaster.ca, Rotate This, Soundscapes & Play De Record.

See you then.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Muhsinah Video: Always

Last few times I saw Muhsinah, she was busy touring w/ Common and handling hella road work. After that, she was in Barcelona for Sonar where she rawked for the Red Bull Music Academy Dome. Show was tight. We chopped it up and I then found out she was also working on new material.
As some of you know, i'm don't cover too many singers as I feel others are out there doing it, and well might I add, but I do dig Muhsinah's work - all day. Beats always bang, and that's where I get reeled in. ALWAYS.
Surfacing from her new album The Oscillations:Triangle (which is available now), comes a video for "floating single", Always.

Such a banging track. Muhsinah def knows how to work that MPC. Always.
The LP features production from Mike Slott, Oddisee and Flying Lotus to name a few. Just added this one to my list for Santa. Say wrd. LOL.
Be sure to keep up with Muhsinah's hectic sched by checking up and keeping tabs on her site, and a fresh one @ that. Always.


Monday, November 30, 2009

Don't Let This Go: Keyshia Cole Gets A Rustie Refix (DWNLD)

This might be a Glaswegian thing.
I still recall the HudMo's Tweet Rmx that was scorching through cyberspace and eventually some dance floor. As he mentioned in his Benji B interview, that white label is going for somewhere around 30£ right now. Nuts.
Warp label mate and fellow Glaswegian Rustie is throwing out one of his own as well.

These admitted R&B fans have long been messing around w/ a cappellas in creating some of their own exclusive material for their shows, gigs and possibly even some work showcasing their left of center con moto production, a sound that could pump some fresh oxygen in some of this R&B blood.
Earlier today, Rustie put out a Keyshia Cole rmx for Shoula Let You Go.

Shoulda Let You Go (Rustie rmx)

A banger. Don't let this one go... So you know the drill...



Sunday, November 29, 2009

No Joke: Digidesign (Om Unit’s Pop Lock Mix) Out This Week

A little surprised popped into my in-box. My man Om Unit hit me with this rmx he banged out of a Joker banger. So in honor of a Joker show going down tonight in Toronto, wanted to chat about this said rmx dropping this week.

As I mentioned sometime back, I was pretty pumped to see a resurgence in remixing taking place. With friendships being solidified online, and eventual business, I don't see this slowing down @ all. Bottom line, It's making for such a more interesting landscape and creating catalog. Say wrd.
So we have Digidesign, a banger that torched many a floor this year courtesy of your man Joker - no doubt.
How do you follow that up?? Well, your man Om Unit did a handy job indeed. Slight variations in the melody and an all new tempo resulted in a whole new track. Thought not being released on HyperDub - it's original home - this white label was given the benediction from both Joker and HD.

Digidesign (Om Unit’s Pop Lock Mix)

For the ones trying to their hands on this gem, this where you need to make it happen. It's a banger.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

2 Words (Again) (DWNLD)

Essential Mix. 11-28-2009

Almost 1 yr to the day after Flying Lotus dropped his essential mix (11-29-2008), Warp's other Heir to the Throne, Hudson Mohawke dropped a much anticipated 120 min mix. This is going to circulate like H1N1, but a welcomed kind of influenza.
I stayed up to listen to it live last night, and it seemed like a perfect accompaniment, a soundtrack to the interview (and mix) he did w/ Benji B @ the top of the month. He lets the music fluently articulate the influences he spoke of. I found myself simply saying... SEEN. It was only right that I followed that interview up with this mix. HudMo shines indeed.
In any case, what an amazing listen. Lots to take in. BTW, I've tucked the playlist in the lyrics tab for the iTunes users.
OK. It's time.

GO! (right click)


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Behind Closed Doors v2: Sir OJ Got That Juice (DWNLD) (VIDEO)

After waking for the oddest dream, I went down to my peep some emails only to catch my man Ab on MSN. Dude was the one behind this Beat/Producers DVD entitled Behind Closed Doors that flew off the shelves in it's 1st edition sometime earlier this year. So he mentioned coming close to concluding v2, and it was going to feature none other than FS Green and Sir Oj.
In the same breath, I saw a twitter link for some OJ goodness and noticed a clip of a recent beat cypher they were both in...

Pretty nasty. So with that being said, be sure to look for this DVD when it drops in December. I'll be certain to chat it up out here. But for some certainty, subscribe to Ab's channel on YouTube.
And here's a preview on BCD v2...

And how could we not have some goodness after that? That Sir Oj burner you heard in the cypher? Well it sounded a little like this..

... and if you want to take that one along, you can hit up Sir Oj yourself. He has it posted up for a free dwnld aka freeload (Brumbeat#1).

GO, and show love.

ANDY! I got you! LOL.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Slott Samples Some Newness: Lucky 9teen

Mike Slott threw a tweet up about his new micro album...

... and you can sample it here. Nov 30th it is.



They're Not Ramping! Ramp Recording Bashment - Tonight in LDN!!

Man, I don't really chat about events that take place far from home too much (unless I plan to be there), but this must get a shout.
Ramp Recordings who have some big releases brewing, will be throwing a bashment TONIGHT in London featuring some shooting stars in the beat music landscape.
TOKiMONSTA who is currently touring EU, Slugabed and my man mellow P.U.D.G.E. who has also been touring EU.

For all those who will be @ this event tonight, have a blast. This should be a killer and P.U.D.G.E. will def blow your wig back all the way to Scandinavia. No joke. For those that didn't plan on it, you better get right and be there. Wish I could myself. Ugh.

Have fun London.


Karriem Riggins @ Deviation Show w/ Benji B (DWNLD)

I've been sitting on this one for a min.
I believe that I was actually in LA the day this how was aired and only wished that I has been able to listen up live. But all good.
But anyone who knows me and has bothered bring up Karriem Riggins in a convo knows my viewpoint. Dude is nuts.

So when Benji B's Deviation was featuring K. Riggins as a guest for interview and mix, I was pumped.
I know many of you if not all have seen these YTs I shot, but I need to bring them both back.

Benji B chats quickly about this DJ set, and claims that Riggins knocked everyone out. Correction: he knocked them THE F*CK out. Say wrd. The whole set was prodigious and this YouTube nor the Stones Throw podcast (#32 BTW) that resulted even came close to the magic that was played during that set.

Then the 2K8 Bounce Tour....

Who could forget this memorable solo?? Did you know I nearly missed it?? I was caught somewhere that night and somehow made it back in time. Anyhow... enough on about that. We know the drill.

And so do you. Enjoy the interview and the mix, full of gems. Shouts to Benji B as always and make sure to peep his show weekly.

Deviation show w/ Benji B and special guest Karriem Riggins

Deviation Show w/ Benji B, feat. Karriem Riggins. (right click)



Tuesday, November 24, 2009

White Sounds From Skylight: Paul White Drops (Side A) (DWNLD)

Though this is his 5th release this year, and his 4th since June, I felt like I hadn't heard from Paul White in a beat music minute (which is a 1/32nd note FYI LOL). But aren't I glad about this recent news.
As his 7th release, Paul White treats us to a 9 cut EP entitled: Sound From The Skylight (Side A)

1stly, I love banging artwork. So Paul gets daps for that, and a great shot indeed. But getting down to the meat of this ep, which flows more like a seamless mix in fact, Paul once again chops up samples adroitly, skillfully throwing in the sampled ingredients in his Akai wok and cooking up savory tempura tracks like Trying To Tell You and Dream State (Dam Tales). But as this is entitled (Side A), might there be a (Side B) on the horizon?? Let's hope so.

As usual, a nice EP to hold on to, and more so @ a more than reasonable price: Just a few moments of your time.
As a free download, you can enjoy this entire EP on Paul White's dime until sometime in December. You can also buy the 12" from his site for those wanting to hold on to some wax.

Trying To Tell You by Paul White, off Sound From The Skylight (Side A)

So, you know the drill...

GO, and show love. Shouts to One Handed Music all day.


92bpm Presents: GSTMX v3 feat. Mr Beatnick (DWNLD)

So for anyone who I spoke to about my summer trip to EU probably heard me extol about my 10+ days there. Got to finally connect with many a person who I have been speaking with online for a min now. Of those said days, I went and enjoyed a good meal @ an indian resto with a certain Mr Beatnick. How we connected still mildly eludes me, but part of me feels that it might have been after a Red Bull Music Academy conversation. This South Africa RBMA grad, DJ, producer and all around good chap has been producing for a good decade with releases on labels including Far Out, Altered Vibes, Tru Thoughts, Foundations,
and his own label Shhhhh.

His new 7" "The 4th day / Fallin Apples" has just dropped (more on that this week) on Futuristica. He collects vintage british comics, synthesisers and records, none of which I was lucky enough to see sadly due to time constraints, but we def got to rap music and all that night we linked. Having gone to GER, than JPN for the 1st two GSTMXs, I put it out there for this 3rd one. So BOOM!
I'm happy to present to you the 3rd (albeit a little late - my bad) installment of the GSTMXs, featuring Mr Beatnick: Autumn Recessiontronica

Tracklisting will look as follows:

Floating Points vs Obba Supa
Clause Four - Track 3
Tokimonsta - A Sweet Day
Dot Rotten - Without You
Soundspecies - Psychedelic Xylophone
Hudson Mohawke - 3:30
Landslide - Parables (Rollin Dub)
Mount Kimbie - Sketch On Glass
LV - Don't Judge - Fantastic Mr Fox remix
Sbtrkt - 20:20
Sebastien Tellier - L'Amour Et La Violence (Floating Points Remix)
Subeena - Analyse
Delia Derbyshire - Experimental Demo (1968)
Flying Lotus & Life Force Trio - Auntie's Lock
Space - Architeq Remix
Dredi - Untitled
The Blessings - Explicit American Cinema
Mr Beatnick - Fallin Apples
Illum Sphere - Chasing The Midnight Moth
Loops Haunt - Impact Omnihammer
Paul White - All Because I'm Green

I def wanna thank Mr Beatnick for taking the time to bang this one out. Good look sir! Thoroughly enjoyed it! And you can to.


chat soon.


Friday, November 20, 2009

SVEDKA Vodka Soda, With A Twist Of Future Beats: Benji B x SVEDKA x Giant Step Podcast

SVEDKA Vodka has been putting in some work. They know what the landscape looks like and they've invited you all along for the ride.
With the assistance of Giant Step, they have enlisted the expertise of Deviation doyen, purveyor of the nicest vibes, London's finest Benji B to curate a series of podcasts entitled Svedka Vodka Future Music Series. If you know Benji B, you know what the podcast will be all about: new sounds from dubstep, to future beats to hip hop to soul. Indeed.

Yesterday marked the release of the 2nd Episode and the tracklisting looked something like this:

Svedka Vodka Future Music Series Episode 2

1. Little Dragon – “Blinking Pigs” (Peacefrog)
2. Martyn – “Vancouver” (3024)
3. Alix Perez Feat. Peven Everett & Spectrasoul – “Forsaken” (Shogun Audio)
4. Yaw – “Where Would You Be” (Unsigned)
5. Bei Bei Feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow – “Stronger (Floating Points Remix)” (Ubiquity)
6. Electric Wire Hustle – “Chaser” (Unsigned)
7. DJ Mitsu The Beats Feat. Elzhi – “Get’ Em Up” (Jazzy Sport)
8. Cubic Zirconia – “Summertime Song” (Unsigned)

Some brilliant work by Floating Points, Electric Wire Hustle (waddup Mara) and more... Niceness. You know the drill.

Get it!

And in fact, whilst you're @ it, might as well grab #1 as well. And that looks like this:

1: Hawthorne Headhunters - ”Manifest Station (Osunlade’s Way Back When Interpolation)” (HVW8)
2: SBTRKT – “Kaoss” (Unsigned)
3: Kylie Audlist – “Ship Inside a Bottle” (Tru Thoughts)
4: The Pimps of Joytime – “Blues Wit U” (Label Unknown)
5: Silkie vs Mizz Beats – “Purple Love” (Deep Medhi)
6: Silhouette Brown ft Lady Alma – “Leave a Note” (Unsigned)
7: Karriem Riggins – “Rhodes Ahead” (Unsigned)
8: Wale – “Pretty Girls (Gucci Mane Remix)” (Allido)



Enjoy the weekend, and pls listen to these responsibly. ;)


Monday, November 16, 2009

Reaching New Lows: Low End Theory Podcasts v9 (DWNLD)

Better later than never.
After a few days of pacing back and forth, I was delighted to finally popped in the proverbial inbox, when in actuality the iTunes window served as such.

The legendary Low End Theory and their podcast, November edition has finally appeared. Featured this time around is Doyen of Deep Lows Daddy Key and special guest, my man Dibi D.I.G.I.T.A.L. aka Dibia$e. Say wrd.
Figures he would be the next among the guests, seeing i'm days removed from Midi Mecca aka Los Angeles. If you're in JPN right now, hope you get or got to catch the Low End tour. Sounds like it's been a blast so far - aside from the smoke in the clubs. Fried speaker coils maybe??? LOL.
I any case, as usual, you know the drill. You can download the whole mix.



Friday, November 13, 2009

Reebok Pumps out Beats: Pete Rock x Kid Koala x 92bpm, Friday Nov 20th - Free Show.

Sounds like Reebok got it going on.
In light of the Reebok Pump's 20th year anniversary, they're throwing what is likely going to be an epic night of music, and esp beats.
For the night, they've enlisted none other than The Chocolate Boy Wonder Pete Rock as well as Kid Koala. Say wrd.
Best of all , they came knocking on 92bpm's door for some extra zing to the night, a proverbial twist of lime. This is going to be an classic night. Totally looking fwd to it.
Best of all, it's a free event. Sweet. All you have to do is hit Reebokpump.ca, answer a few q?s, and off you go.

So if you know what's good, get to clicking and come out for a night that will be celebrated in 20 other cities in the world, and Toronto is one of em. Nice. And you know we'll come thru with the gems.

Follow Reebok on twitter or you can also register on their 20th anni FaceBook page.

Say wrd. Shouts to RedBull. Good luck and see you Friday the 20th.

Ok. Your move.


Follow Friday x Thank Yous LA

As some of you knew/know, I spent a hot min in LA simply to decompress, but to also catch up w/ some pals. I had not been there since... since Lucky Me invaded Low End Theory one yr ago. Nuts.
Had a blast, and was inspired as always, not only putting some wind in my sales but also confirming the wind's direction as well. My compass wasn't off after all. ;)

So, consider this my Twitter Follow Friday x Thank yous collabo, a quasi refutation of the Friday the 13th.

In alphabetical order:

Afta-1: Finally, after rapping on the phone and kicking ideas, the pleasure was mine. We build again soon.
BLU: WTF. That was quick. Man, we sit and rap next time fer sure. Aiiiight.
Brainfeeder: Yesssssir. Adam, Finally. Haha. We in this together man. Let's keep rapping and figure out this bigger picture. The cnavas is there and we got the brushes and paint.
Brooke: Man, dood! Had not seen you in a hot min man. You a good eye. Never thought I would catch you @ Low End of all spots. Sorry, but I had not time to hit the veggie spot.
Chris @ Union: Good Look man. Gryphons connect. Didn't make it over, but I'll def catch up. Wrd.

Computer J: Pfff... Always a pleasure dude. We'll finish that convo and get you on that plane soon. BTW, cool jam @ GLK's
Coultrain: Man, what a week dude. Let's keep rapping, keep building. Lemme know.

Daddy Kev: The pleasure was mine. Hope all is well in JPN and i'll take you up on that offer for Low End in 2010. THX AGAIN!
Devonwho: Don't even know where to start. THAT FRONT LAWN! lol. But for real, we fam now. So let's get this. Say wrd.
Flying Lotus: 1nce again, I owe you. Glad we got to sit and listen to this impending nightmare for the suit and ties. Out with the old dead. It's about to get ugly. Sign me up. Let's do this.
Gaslamp Killer: Man, thanks so much for having me over. That road to the mountain is BANANAS! The cake was amazing, but the Jam session was crazier. Good look and 1nce again, happy bday.
House Shoes: Surprise. Yea man. It was hella good rapping. Been a hot min. Not since... Toronto? Indeed. Anyhow. let's get this thing rolling. I'll get @ you this weekend. Wrd.
Jack Davey: love the hair. Sadly no time for dinner. Proxima vez. Dice palabra.
Jamie Strong: Way too long man. Sh*t... no PBR but we'll stay connected. It was written. Hope you enjoyed that Sunday off finally. Man... Grind!
Jneiro Jarel: Fa sho. Hope all is well with you and looking fwd to chatting some more about the goodness coming thru. It's been a min since that day in PHI. (you mean Sun Walkers?!?! LOL) All love man.
Kutmah: Finally. Haha. Man, i'll get you that French sample soon man. Let's def stay up.
Max @ SSLA: What can I say. GREAT PHOTOS, and your friend is kinda cute. ;) But for real, always good. Let's see what we can get done in 2010.
Proh Mic: Dood, i need more time! It was good seeing you though. If you're still around, let's def pen that piece.
samiyam: Pffff... Ridge or no Ridge, we stay in touch dude. Good hanging out and that the new sh*t is nuts. Bout to get you on a plane hella soon man.
Snowman Jack: Awesome. That was a good look catching up finally. Say wrd. Always best in person man. We all dialed in now, so it's official. Let's get this cracking.
Take: Always good to rap. Glad you're better too. But that was a dope set regardless. See you soon man. Maybe NY/PHI?? Hope so. wrd.
TOKiMONSTA: Wasn't fast enough to catch you on Sat night. Sunday was calmer anyhow. Good look and man, have a safe trip and hella successful tour!
Ty G: LAST BUT HELLA NOT LEAST. Good look on the hospitality. Mi casa es su casa dude. Anytime. You're a true HVW8. Great show btw.

Look for an LA special coming very soon....

Hasta la proxima vez.


Lucky Charms! Mike Slott prepares for Lucky 9teen (DWNLD)

As I told my pals... Hace mucho tiempo! it's been very long (in beat music years) since we've last heard of a Mike Slott release. Too long in fact. To his credit, he has been busy settling into his New York state of grind, having relocated there in recent times from Glasgow, and gigging left and right, skipping across the globe between points in North America and EU.
He who had left us hankering for more after that sensational rmx for Flying Lotus from the LA 2x3 EP, (a rmx so sweet, I considered it as my wedding song), has finally answered many of the loud cries for more from this star striker of the Lucky Me team.

Lucky 9teen: such will be the titled the long awaited release (and overdue in my eyes and ears) due late this month. What will be closer to an EP than an album - or a mini album in fact, we should expect much of what has made Mike Slott accumulate followers beyond the Heralds Of Change fame. Clouds of electronic syncopation, enchanting melodies with dramatic arpeggios will certainly dominate this mini album release.

Mark your calendars for late November - 30th as I heard rumored. We should have more updates in the dates to come. Big Shouts to Mike for this one. Big shouts to Alex as well. Brap.

In the interim, how about some riddims??

Amanallah by Mike Slott from forthcoming Lucky 9teen release.

40 winx by Mike Slott from forthcoming Lucky 9teen release.

F*ck it, just go get 40 winx, courtesy of the good ppl @ XLR8.



Wednesday, November 11, 2009

They Shootin'! Dublab x Stones Throw Present Secondhand Sureshots (DWNLD)

Just days removed from a week long trip to LAX (more on that maybe this week, Friday?), sitting @ the airport and I get this email from Stones Throw and.... Say wrd?? Could this be true?? Two of my fave things coming together like rice and peas. Yep.
So it looks like 2 bastions of the LA beat community of coming together on an A/V project.
Stones Throw will be joining forces with Dublab to present the Secondhand Sureshots.

This will be a DVD project that will be accompanied by some original art, slipmats and some music of course.
From what I can gather, we will have music from Daedelus, J-Rocc, Nobody and Ras G. As well, they'll be an accompanying megamix by none other than Kutmah. Say wrd.
As pumped as I man about this, I was a little flummoxed about it. I had approached ST sometime back about their clear lack of beat cats on their roster (though, with The Baddest Kid why would you need any more?). They let SoCal native, and former intern FlyLo in and out of their environment only to see him become possibly the biggest and def brightest star of this beat scene wreak havoc for Warp Records. Have they possibly begun to turn a new stone?? ;) They're really just the distributor here, but regardless this is clearly a win win.
You have Stones Throw, the darling of many a music fan's eye, and Dublab, the web heavyweight, purveyor of that fine LA vibe coming together on this beautiful project.
But it's essentially a quasi doc, about a diggin adventure undertaken by Daedelus, J-Rocc, Nobody and Ras G, as they snatch old goodies and breath new life into the music. 2+ hrs of footage will accompany the music as well as other goodies (Picture disc, screened vinyl sleeves as well as slip mats). Not to be forgotten in this whole endeavor is Hit + Run who screened the LP sleeves and covers.

Though this slated for a Feb 2010 release, Stones Throw is taking pre-orders for exclusive advance copies. Yep.

And for a short preview....

And even better, a little goodie courtesy of Dublab and Stones Throw. A J-Rocc treat....

... or you can just download it here (as well as getting more deets, need it be).



Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hudson Mohawke @ Deviation Show With Benji B (DWNLD)

Fot those who might have missed it, Warp's golden child, Hudson Mohawke stopped by Benji B's legendary Deviation Show to discuss the release of Butter, and all things leading to. What started with a short interview, ended with a mix of current as well as yet to be titled gems.

Have you not copped Butter yet? Whatchawaitinfor?? Regardless, enjoy all 75mins49sec of the Deviation segment. You can stream it here.

Deviation Show Special feat. Hudson Mohawke - Nov 01 2009 by 92bpm

** UPDATE **

In light of some changes, @ Soundcloud, you can now download it here.

Hudson Mohawke on Benji B's Deviation || download (right click)

Be sure to lock into Deviation Show weekly and shouts to Benji for a sensational edition as always.



Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween! Treats & No Tricks: Mixed Nuts feat Ras G & iLLum Sphere (DWNLD)

Say wrd! Early bird gets the salt fish patties.
I have to remind myself to set my clock on Sat mornings to 9h55 EST so I can get up and listen to the Mixed Nuts show w/ Alex Nut on Rinse FM. The show is always fire. Just not the best look sometimes... you know...might enjoying a cozy morning w/ a guest and sh*t. LOL.
But this Halloween morning, I have the pleasure of hearing Ras_G & illum Sphere rock it. What a wake up call. Added to man like Alex Nut & Fatima of Eglo fame running the mic, man. What a way to spark it.

Anyhow, in a rare weekend update, it's only right that I hit you with a treat for Halloween. No Tricks. The Mixed Nuts show was bananas and I was lucky enough to catch 27 mins of it - a little late albeit, but still.... NEXT TIME! You make sure you listen to Alex Nut's show if you don't already - and pack the oven mitts too. Aiiight. Click on the Jack-o-Lantern below and enjoy.



Friday, October 30, 2009

So Sirius. Portformat Set To Shine Bright w/ The Repeat Factor

Sometime in the late 90s, I was able to sit back and watch with glee the comet Hale-Bopp as it sat in the night sky, seemingly inanimate. A wonderful site indeed. In a parallel conversation in Germany, Portformat might have been saying the exact same thing. LOL.
Portformat is set to release a full length entitled The Repeat Factor. Described as a soundtrack compatible for NASA, this intergalactic slowmotion opus from Portformat is quite impressive.

I 1st came across German based Portformat via an Error Broadcast release, then again via Comfort Fit's great Polyshuffle LP (that I still need to pen about), and i've now been privy to his own LP.

The Repeat Factor has been arranged as a great blend of vocal and beat bizness. As some of you know, I tend to lean on the instrumentals, though I will not deny a nice vocal version. By assembling a great cast of MCs and songstresses of the likes of Georgia Anne Muldrow, Shuanise and Suzi Analogue, he's able to break the possible monotony of a deep instrumental record. Added the lyrics from rappers such as the space cadet Dudley Perkins (how fitting), Blaktroniks, Obey The Altar Native, Bless1, Gajah and Thesaurus Rex, he's got a well rounded LP to offer.

Track list reads as follows:

1. Knock Knock (feat. Bless1)
2. U Gotta Find (feat. Shuanise)
3. Purple Planet
4. Mothership (feat. Dudley Perkins & Georgia Anne Muldrow)
5. Provide Everything (feat. Obey The Altar Native & Denone)
6. Thunder and Lightning
7. Fairy Child (feat. Shuanise)
8. Bionic Arms 3.42 min
9. The Myth (feat. Caits Meissner & Yarrow Lutz)
10. Everything U Change (feat. Obey The Altar Native)
11. 37 Degrees
12. It's On (feat. Blaktroniks)
13. Put Your Love To The Test (feat. Joe Kickass)
14. Life Water (feat. Thesaurus Rex)
15. For The Hungry Cats 3.38 min
16. U$ (feat. Suzi Analogue)
17. So Thankful (feat. Gajah & Olmeca)

The Repeat Factor: 17 bright stars that are best played during a clear night. 17 bright stars that are best played during a clear night. 17 bright stars that are best played during a clear night.... Ok. Right. LOL.
It's due in stores Dec 3rd, @ your finest music purveyor and thanks to the good ppl @ Tokyo Dawn. Make sure you have a comfy couch, and a hot iTunes visualizer.
Let me get into 2 of my fave joints. An instrumental of course as well as a vocal track which features chanteuse du jour Shuanise.

Purple Planet by Portformat

Fairy Child featuring Shuanise By Portformat


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