Monday, December 22, 2008

Red Inked: HVW8 show love to G-Funk BeatBoxer

As many of your around the globe saw, internet sensation Red has been making the rounds on your desktops, laptops and iPhones i'm sure. The acclaim has been loud and clear - ppl love Red. 400k views in just under 1 week. Seriously?? I had the youtube link book marked and watched it double in views with every passing hours/days. Nuts.
So the good ppl @ HVW8 have essentially come to some agreement with our fave West Hollywood G-funked and will show the ultimate love:
Red will have a release in 2009, courtesy of HVW8. Amazing. I love great stories, and he does to.

So look out for Red in the new year in some 7" capacity maybe?? Bring it back to 45s like it used to be. Could be fun. But before that, look out for Red in one of the forthcoming Music Is My Art podcasts by HVW8. Oh you don't know about those? Get cracking.


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