Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Loco for Choco! Dorian Concept Maxes Out

Some weeks back, my man Harmonic 313 aka Trouble Man aka the most distinguished Mark Pritchard and I were chatting and he mentioned something about Dorian Concept having just been in AUS or something of the sort... I can't quite recall.
He did however sing the praises of his new release. HUH?? New release??
Yea... He's got this banger he adds. So, I went looking and behold, what did I just find...

Wow. Another release by the young Vienna virtuoso. Maximized Minimalization. Contradiction in terms you say?? Kind of like a young veteran, seasonsed teenager or even Dorian Concept. One thing is certain, this youngster is far beyond his years whilst most his age are struggling with FIFA09 tournaments on their xbox, Dorian Concept has been busy banging away on keys and frenetically warping waves into some very beautiful music.
@ a young age, you're almost scared into thinking of what he'll be capable of when he's in say... his more seasoned years? Just nuts...
Speaking of, I was just going loco for this choco, Chocolate Milk that is. Take in the whole track, and you'll see what I mean. Chocolate Milk does do the body good.



  1. without a doubt one of the best friccccken records of 2008 !

  2. hahahahahaha.
    dorian concept is in his mid 20ies..

  3. Gracias Feux. I was out to lunch. Cheers for the heads up.

  4. been blasting Yorktown Recreation, great track. Loving Harmoinc 313's Dirtbox EP too. Just found this blog via Take, will keep an eye and add it to our blogroll.



  5. Ahhhh... I miss LA. Shouts to TAKE. Yessssir. Good Look. Kaptin. Just trying to have fun. ;)


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