Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Labor Of Love, Sex & Relationships: Kitty Kat Kaboodle EP

Who loves the kat?? I DO, I DO!
Just got news of a fresh EP dropping soon.
Kitty Kat Kaboodle EP is the labor of love of Cerebral Vortex and your man Erik L (who spiritually finds refuge in Detroit - you know.)

Together, this dynamic duo deliver a themed opus for 2009 about love, sex and relationships. Relationships?? [cough - cough] Huh? ;)
Along for the ride in this Sexploitation production on the Kitty Kat Kaboodle EP are Stray, Ezekiel 38 & fave, Kissey Asplund.

This 4 tracker will certainly live up to all expectations. With Eric L banging away on his MP and an array of analog synths, he sets that electro-nice mood with just enough aggressive riddim w/o pissing your girl off and killing her mood. On vocals, to keep it all nice and smooth you have Swede songstress Kissey Asplund and Stray to keep it all in line. Add to that the texts from Cerebral Vortex and you get a solid little EP. The kind you can play for your girl, without having to wear shiny shoes and hold her hand. You know... LOL. ;)
In any case, look for the Kitty Kat Kaboodle EP to drop in the new year, Jan 16 2009 to be exact. You can grab it from the good ppl @ Melting Pot Music. This will be delivering with instrumentals as well. Say wrd.

Track listing will be as follows:

01. Never Fall In Love ft Stray [3:54]
02. Birds & Bees ft Kissey Asplund [3:45]
03. Golden Token (Speak) ft Ezekiel 38 [4:48]
04. Hey Cat ft Kissey Asplund [4:14]

In the mean time, here's a 2 fer. Here's the video for Hey Cat - Cerebral Vortex & Eric L ft Kissey Asplund (Um... like a 3 way?)

As well, listen to Fall in Love ft Stray. It's a certified banger por seguro!

All day.


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