Friday, November 21, 2008

Patterns, Politics and Drum Pads

J Rawls needs to create a sound track for TBG bka Too Black Guys (remember that brand?). He's got that headspace man. I kinda love that. Hell, he was likely around during some of the afrocentric glory days that @ times seem long forgotten. Love the fact that he weaves in audio from speeches and famous quotes in his opus.
Just copped this record of his today, Histories, Greatest Battles, Campaigns & Topics. Always dug his smooth style and the fact that he stays with those NSTRMNTLS all day. This is not meant to be that dancefloor burner, but more like that joint you wanna keep in the library for sure... Hell, you need to have some Lone Catalysts in there as well. ;)

Wonder what his thoughts are on the new Commander In Chief, his great campaign and the greatest battle of all looming: running America for 4 yrs. Would be a great convo. But regardless, he's released a great work of art like this Art of War


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