Monday, November 10, 2008

Motor City Rides Again: Black Milk, eLZhi and House Shoes in Toronto, Nov 6th 2008

It's been 2 long weeks. Hard @ work among other things, this show I had planned signaled the a sorta finish line. I had deadlines the same week so this was very welcomed - though work did await me. You know, the usual show sh*t.

Black Milk
DJ House Shoes

The press is proclaiming that the Detroit Big Three are in the worst state ever. Someone needed to remind Black Milk, eLZhi and House Shoes as their engines are running as strong as the classic American muscle cars of yesteryears.

Pontiac GTO aka DJ House Shoes. With the wisdom and history that most still fail to realize, House Shoes revved the crowd up, wheeling thru gems and exclusives that one would expect from one of the pillars of this Detroit sound.

Ford Mustang aka eLZhi. Known to many as one of the strongest MCs active (and possibly inactive) in the game, eLZhi made good in his 1st gig as a solo artist in Toronto. From drifting through bangers from The Preface, to riding shotgun with Toronto songstress Ayah to the smoke filled burnouts from the various freestyles throughout the night.

Chevy Corvette aka Black Milk. Standing tallest, there's no real mistaking this MC's roar when he starts his engine. From beats to his most improved rhymes, Black Milk's set was like a high speed freewheeling ride down the DVP in the wee hours of the AM. Delivering classic verses from his already sizable catalog, he squeezed the pads on the MP, clicking away on the casio keys to offer live renditions of more classics.

The Motor City looks healthy and as strong as ever, and there's not sign of any musical malaise with more projects coming from all three in 2009.

Shouts to my man K Fresh from who popped up from the D. Foundation!

You can peep the rest of the photos here.



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