Thursday, November 27, 2008

Last Of The Septuplets: Onra Completes All City 7x7

To highlight the emergence of this beat music, the All City clan released a conceptual gem this year: 7 x 7. Seven 7" singles from seven sorcerers. magi of the MPC, a band of bad men.
Gang members were as follows: Snowman, Mike Slott, Fulgeance, Mweslee, LeNeko, Hudson Mohawke..

Onra now completes the septuplet.

Your man Onra has been consciously crafting his Chinoiseries, assiduously amassing a concretion of releases under his belt, including the afore mentioned LP released earlier this year.
Fresh off his RBMA beat camp, Onra now drops the last of the 7x7 from All City. A double A-side if you will. As he's demonstrated time and again, this French Vietnamese has shown how to bang that hoodtronica out. ;). Big beats and smooth sampling are of order, and Onra brings the 7x7 series to a very fitting denouement.

You-want-to-hear-fu-ture-funk? Get down with My Comet. Look for this 7" to drop Dec 1. Check All City for all deets.


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