Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Decrypted: 00Genesis finally drops

I've been waiting for this event actually for a hot min. After getting a hold of bangers like The Brighter Side & No Shoes Trampoline, I kept a close eye on my yoot. So today, the enigmatic and cryptic 00Genesis drops a long awaited ep Dream Catcher on RXLNGR, where Muhsinah also calls home.

I for one have dug 00G's style from day one. It was and still remains like nothing that I had heard out there and would find hard to describe. At times, I felt like it was best characterized as a car careening thru traffic, and other days just cruising on a Cinelli fixie. But ultimately, when your head bops, that all the illustration needed.

Do yourself that solid:cop this record . You can grab it here on iTunes, and it's f*cking iTunes Plus, so I can drop that right into Serato.




  1. recommended dopeness! also on eMusic.

  2. hi there!
    too bad you did not mention THIS video for Cryptic Dream.

    it is done by VERVUE.
    go check it out!!!!


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