Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Decrypted: 00Genesis finally drops

I've been waiting for this event actually for a hot min. After getting a hold of bangers like The Brighter Side & No Shoes Trampoline, I kept a close eye on my yoot. So today, the enigmatic and cryptic 00Genesis drops a long awaited ep Dream Catcher on RXLNGR, where Muhsinah also calls home.

I for one have dug 00G's style from day one. It was and still remains like nothing that I had heard out there and would find hard to describe. At times, I felt like it was best characterized as a car careening thru traffic, and other days just cruising on a Cinelli fixie. But ultimately, when your head bops, that all the illustration needed.

Do yourself that solid:cop this record . You can grab it here on iTunes, and it's f*cking iTunes Plus, so I can drop that right into Serato.




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